Mano Erina – “My Days For You” HQ Covers Released

8 06 2011

From left to right

Top: Regular, Limited A

Bottom: Limited B, Single V

HQ covers for Mano Erina’s 10th single titled My Days For You have been released.

With those bigger covers, we finally get to see closer details of Mano’s outfits, poses and facial expression, and I have to say that I definitely think those are amongst the best covers Mano had recently since they all feature a calm theme with different executions in each one.

The regular edition cover features Mano smiling cheerfully at the camera wearing a white blouse and matching white headband, and the background seems to be a field with some sort of fence which is all blurry, and I find it great since it puts Mano in the spotlight even more.

The Limited A cover is amongst the most interesting since it features a collage of 3 different pictures of Mano wearing a simple (pyjamas) top with her hair tied in a loose ponytail, and she seems to be drinking a juice box in the biggest  picture while looking outside, and the other 2 smaller pictures shows us Mano smiling cutely while looking down and looking next to the camera’s angle with the straw near her mouth.

The Limited B edition shows us Mano in the sexiest pose of them all, looking kind of softly at the camera with the wind blowing in her hair while wearing a white shirt and cardigan, and even though the setting she’s in is unclear, I really like how nice the cover looks overall with the white theme and her expression.

The Single V’s cover was out too in HQ and we get to see Mano in a blue dress with blue dominating the cover, posing next to an open window with what seems to be a bed with cussions in the background, and she is looking away liek she does in the LA cover, but it seems that it fits this cover best since her pose and expression overall match perfectly to create a smooth atmosphere and setting.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the clear and white theme the covers have and even though they seem to feature less “smiling” Mano Eri, they still look amazing and fit the song perfectly.

The release date is set for 6/29 and the Single V release is set for 7/6.

Amazon page about RE

Amazon page about LA

Amazon page about LB

Amazon page about Single V




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