Kitahara Sayaka Official Ameba Blog Opened

8 06 2011

An official Ameba blog for Kitahara Sayaka has been opened.

With the recent release of the full PV of her upcoming single, I’m really happy to see that she is opening her official blog just before the release date of her first single since it will give her an opportunity to promote herself and her single, as well as getting more popular across the web.

Her first post “Hajimemashite” (Nice to Meet you) is the only one so far, but she seems to become an acrtive blogger since her post is full of emoticons and has a nice distribution in lines which should make it enjoyable for fans to read and go through.

The banner of her blog is very attractive also since it is pink with the title “Kimama ni 365 Days” with many bubbles and different effects where we get to see 2 photos of her in the single’s outfit, and even though she hasn’t posted many things yet, I’m glad to see that she started with uploading a non-official picture of herself and mentionning her single.

Hopefully we’ll see her more active in the next weeks to come.

Kitahara Sayaka Official Ameba Blog




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