H!P 2011 Summer Concert Schedules & Announcers Released

8 06 2011

The H!P 2011 summer concert schedules and announcers has been released.

On the 6/8 Ustreamusume the members randomly drew names to determine which members would be doing the announcements at the venues and they also randomly determined which setlists (WOW WOW or YEAH YEAH) would be featured at each venue.

I believe the announcer position is what Yossie/Makoto was doing in the past, which is just to announce the next group/song and sort of host the event. I like that they decided to go with a random drawing for that position since it’s something new for us and since it changes every concert there’s almost a new member every time. Some members appear multiple times and it’s shame that not everyone can participate but it was done randomly so everything was based on luck.

Thanks to telepudding at H!O an easy to read table was created which displays the members and setlists at each venue. Hopefully this will help anyone who is planning on attending the concert and help plan accordingly.

*The last Nakano Sun setlist was originally YEAH YEAH however Ai-chan had it changed so it balances the setlists out. Each one is featured 9 times. (Thanks to JPCY koregaboku4)

Also included is a clip of the random drawing. It’s uploaded on Youtube so please watch it before it’s taken down. Please enjoy!




5 responses

8 06 2011

Why is Ayaka dressed as Mario?

8 06 2011

So Chisa, Saki O., Fuku-chan, Yasshi, Miya, Captain, Sayu won’t be annoumcers even once?
Even if it is randomly chosen, they could have balanced it out since some members have to be announcers for like 2 or 3 times…

Oh well can’t wait for the setlists!!

8 06 2011

Unfortunately they won’t and it would’ve been nice if they had everyone take a turn once and then draw again so everyone has some experience but we can’t help it. Maybe the next H!P concerts they’ll have a chance to do it.

9 06 2011

even though riho and mizuki are not going to be annoucers even once, i’m very happy that suzuki kanon and erina are!!!
They are the two in the 9th generation with the least experiance doing anything in the idol world and maybe this will give them experiance announcing!!
Kanon is going to be a natural, i can just tell because of her amazing personality.
This is going to be erina’s time to shine!!! i want her to let go and become amazing!! Let’s hope she really is outgoing throughout this!!!

9 06 2011

From what I read on a forum it seems that the announcers might refer to those who make the announcements before the concert starts, known as “shadow announcers” (those who say “welcome to the H!P concert, please don’t smoke, eat, drink, etc, enjoy the concert”) so we will most likely see each member participate in an MC ^_^

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