UFZS Member Colors Revealed

7 06 2011

The member colors for UFZS have been revealed.

  • Sengoku Minami is Red
  • Furukawa Konatsu is Pink
  • Sekine Azusa is Orange
  • Arai Minami is Blue
  • Satou Ayano is Purple
  • Saho Akari is Yellow
  • Mori Saki is Green

A fan tweeted staff about their colors and this was the response.

While colors are usual for all of the H!P groups it’s great to see that we finally get to find out what colors each member of UFZS will have since it has been a while since they were formed, and while they technically don’t mean much (apart from giving fans a way to show their support and a way to identify them easily) it’s a nice addition since fans can use their colors to support them at appearances.

So far the colors are basic and seem to relate to Berryz Koubou, which is not surprising since each group has 7 members, and while they might be the same basic colors I have to admit that I like how each color looks on each member (there are only so many colors).

I look forward to finding out if fans will wear the colors of their favorite members in future appearances since this is a great way for fans to show their support.

Ustream Recording

Sengoku Minami Blog Entry – Red

Furukawa Konatsu Blog Entry – Pink

Sekine Azusa Blog Entry – Orange

Arai Minami Blog Entry – Blue

Satou Ayano Blog Entry – Purple

Saho Akari Blog Entry – Yellow

Mori Saki Blog Entry – Green




11 responses

7 06 2011

Not to be a creep, but is Konatsu not wearing a bra?

Other than that though, I’m glad they got member colors! It’d be really nice if they could release songs of their own, or something! Anything in addition to dance covers <3
I want to see what they can do!

I think my favorite might be Azusa! She's so cute! <3

7 06 2011

I noticed that as well XD
She might be wearing one but I have no idea (it looks like she isn’t), although we only know for sure that she was cold ^_^;;;

They are well on their way to becoming a formal group since they already have their colors, many events, and 7 members, so I hope we get to see some release soon (a Kpop styled song would be nice) ^_^

8 06 2011

LMAO so true!

yeah, that would be awesome! I’m really looking forward to it

7 06 2011

yes you are right… i think she braless and she soo happy…..

7 06 2011
Sei Xīn Chūn Yamakiri

I’m not a fan of yellow, it’s too bright… But I’ll FORCE myself to like it, if I have to. I shall never betray Akari!!! XD

They should have made the shade of purple darker… It’s too similar to the shade of pink they used. =/

7 06 2011

On the plus side, yellow is easy to spot in a crowd of glowsticks!! :D

7 06 2011

“While colors are usual for all of the H!P groups”
I didn’t know they were apart of H!P… Are they? I’m confused about them and Kikkawa Yuu on weather or not they’re part of Hello! Project -_- lol

7 06 2011

UFZS and Kikka are not part of H!P, but they are both part of UFA, although Kikka is under the Universal Music Japan label and UFZS don’t seem to have a label yet (since they haven’t released anything yet) ^_^

7 06 2011

Wow, didn’t expected she’s gonna wearing red one, it’s leader-like color. ^^

7 06 2011

It’s funny they got to choose their colors themselves. Konatsu was the lucky one, she got the treasured pink!

8 06 2011
Maz Muldenhutten

This group seems to have great potential. All of the members seem to have a great comaradery. They already work great as a unit. Great Dancing. Great sense of music. And a great variety of personalities. My favorite group has been the Berryz and my next favorite was the Shugo Chara Eggs, but they have been so separated that only Smileage has kept any of them together. Morning Musume is in the process of getting younger. But this group is what I am giving the best hope.

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