Suzuki Airi’s DVDs Titled “Kibun Tenkan” and “Natsu Karada”

7 06 2011

The titles for Suzuki Airi’s two solo DVDs have been revealed to be Kibun Tenkan and Natsu Karada.

According to the description from Kibun Tenkan‘s page a blu-ray version will also be released in July.

The titles are somewhat hard to translate since Tenkan and Karada are written in Katakana but from what I understand Natsu Karada means “Summer Body” and Kibun Tenkan means something along the lines of “Change of Mood” or “Change of Pace”, which are both great titles.

Kibun Tenkan seems to be a more deeper title compared to her previous releases and while we have no previews it will most likely be a differently themed release since we might see a more calmer and grown up look at Airi compared to her cute and genki style.

Natsu Karada will most likely have quite a lot of bikinis since the meaning of the title will relate to Summer, and while all of her releases contain bikinis I hope we also get to see a few casual dresses along with the other outfits, and we will most likely see them since there have been many cute summer themed solo DVDs that do.

So far the titles are very interesting since they seem to point at two different directions, and while there might not be a clear idea of what to expect I hope we get to see previews for both of the DVDs soon since all Airi releases have a great theme and never disappoint.

Kibun Tenkan will be released on 7/10, and Natsu Karada will be released on 8/3.

Sony Music Page For Airi’s Kibun Tenkan DVD

Sony Music Page For Airi’s Natsu Karada DVD



2 responses

7 06 2011

Funny how one of her DVD’s is called Natsu Karada and Buono!’s new single is called Natsu Dakara.

8 06 2011

@TommyVD: LOL,I was thinking the same XD Summer Body?Change Of Mood?Like you said,it sounds like Airi is changing her style.It sounds interesting :)

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