Sorano Aoi (CV Kitahara Sayaka) – “Yappa Seishun” Full PV Released

7 06 2011

The full PV for Kitahara Sayaka’s single titled Yappa Seishun has been released.

For the most part if you saw the preview then you most likely have a good idea about what the PV will be like since there aren’t that many additional shots: the main shot of Sayaka dancing in front of the camera, the shot of Yossie training her, the dance shot of Sayaka in the blue dress dancing in the dark, and a close up shot of her in front of light in the blue dress, but despite that I really liked how the PV looks.

The main shot didn’t amaze me that much since it seems that they just added equipment (lights, ladders, rails) and left them there while they were filming, and while it gave the PV a more real life look it seemed that the small background in the back and the equipment made the shot look a bit cheap.

The shot of Yossie training Sayaka was easily the best shot of the PV since we get to see Sayaka training in various sports, such as soccer, volleyball, judo, and tennis, and while Yossie didn’t react that much it was funny to see her trying to not laugh while acting out the role of the strict teacher (especially the part where she just looks to the side calmly while Sayaka tries to throw her to the ground).

The dance shot in the dark was a nice addition since it looked pretty interesting due to the blue lights in the background and the blue dress, and while it seemed like just another addition I was surprised with how it looked since it turned out pretty good, mostly because of her expressions and the closeness of the camera.

The close-up shot was my 2nd favorite shot since we get to see Sayaka face to face with many light effects, and since it was very bright it contrasted well with the dark dance shot, which was very impressive since it made her stand out a lot.

Overall the PV isn’t that high budget but it was still a pretty good release since the appearance of Yossie alongside two other outfits and many different settings made the PV a unique and amazing release, and while I would have liked to see even more shots I am impressed with her first PV since it came out pretty good.

Hopefully fans can check it out since it is a pretty great PV.

The release date is set for 6/22.

Video uploaded by: UpFrontEntertainment




6 responses

7 06 2011

This sounds great! Sayaka has improved a lot since Milky Way!

7 06 2011

Well … Yossie makes extra points to this clip.

7 06 2011

I like it! It’s like a tomboyish Koi Kana. I hope she does a lot of anime and that and go up to ranks like artists such as Horie Yui are in now!

7 06 2011

Yossie was utterly awesome. Her facial expressions!

This PV had a lot more going on in it than I thought it would. Pleasant surprise.

“tomboyish Koi Kana” is a really great way to describe this.

I’m really glad I ordered this now.

8 06 2011

Yeah,a tomboyish Koi Kana :)
I love this PV ! LOL at Yossie’s expresion when Sayaka FINALLY hit the ball!XD
Sayaka’s cute face+her awesome voice+Yossie’s presence= pure WIN!

8 06 2011

I think that especially the training sessions fit the song perfectly ^^.

look ^^:

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