Kikkawa Yuu – “Kikkake wa YOU!” Movie DVDs Announced

7 06 2011

Three DVDs for Kikkawa Yuu’s first movie titled Kikkake wa YOU! have been announced.

The first two DVDs will include the movie totaling 70 minutes where the regular edition will also feature an exclusive bonus video (7 minutes long) that will not be included in the limited edition, while the limited edition will feature the regular 70 minute DVD plus another 40 minutes of Making of and Kikka Channel footage.

The third DVD will be a document video which will most likely feature footage from the Making of and background scenes.

It seems that they are going all out with Kikka’s debut since I didn’t expect to see this much content for her movie release, and since there will be many extras in both the regular and limited edition it gives fans more of a reason to buy both since the exclusive 7 minute long video and the 40 minute long DVD and Kikka channel footage are great ways to give fans a fuller look at the movie.

Since I haven’t seen the movie yet I am looking forward to this release since we will be able to find out what kind of theme it will have, and along with the preview we saw some weeks ago it seems that we are in for a very interesting release since we will be able to check out the somewhat dark theme it had.

For now I hope fans reserve their copy of the DVD since it seems like the DVDs in both regular and limited editions will feature quite a lot of content, and along with the Document DVD we will have a fuller look at every detail about the release.

The DVDs will be released on 7/13.

Universal Japan Page For Kikka’s Movie DVD – Regular

Universal Japan Page For Kikka’s Movie DVD -Limited

Universal Japan Page For Kikka’s Document DVD




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7 06 2011

Calling all subbing groups: you have to sub this!

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