Suzuki Airi- Special Announcement This Week

6 06 2011

Suzuki Airi mentioned that she will be making an announcement this week.

My first thought when I read the news is I’m really confused and dumbfounded. Airi is making an announcement that she will be making another announcement so it’s a little confusing.

The announcement will be made on Youtube, which is quite strange for me since in the past they’ve never made announcements over Youtube and they do it at other events. (Concerts, fanclub events etc.) Also a video announcement is really different for members since they usually announce it live.

Other than that what Airi will be announcing is still a mystery and I hope it won’t be anything too shocking, like another audition. I’m thinking though that it’s something regarding her photobooks, since she released two recently and the released dates were quite close to each other and she’s also doing the same with 2 DVDs.

Hopefully everyone has a chance to check it out, Airi’s announcement will be on youtube on 6/10 at 8pm JST.

Also this is the video of her announcing the news:




29 responses

6 06 2011

Just an FYI: C-ute’s formation was officially announced by Tsunku on June 11, 2005. Maybe it’s an anniversary thing.

Although I’m betting it’s just PB related. No way that they’re announcing graduation/audition news via Youtube.

Heck, for all we know it’s just another high tension parrot impression.

6 06 2011

Hah! I was actually wondering if it involved more animal impressions.

6 06 2011

I hope it’s not graduation if it is really graduation they should do it on the concert. I hope it wold be her first solo single.

6 06 2011

I wonder what’s all this about…I hope it’s not something shocking like graduations and auditions O_O

6 06 2011

well I wasn’t thinking it was going to be a graduation UNTIL YOU MENTIONED IT.

If her annoucement is her leaving C-ute to go solo, or worse…leave H!P and singing, then I’m going to DIE.

6 06 2011

Great,so now it’s all my fault?-_-
Yeah I’m going to “die” too but I don’t think she would announce something like that on YT. I’m sure she is going to have a solo single or smth.

6 06 2011

omg wat if this is like a 6th member audition in celebration of their 6th anniversary? that would be exciting xD

6 06 2011

I highly doubt that it’s going to be a graduation, just by the way/tone in which she’s announcing it. It doesn’t scream “important official news,” but rather “hey, something cool’s gonna happen you might want in on”

6 06 2011

I bet its a member audition :p

6 06 2011

Oh god, if it’s another audition that would be hilarious xDDD

I bet she’s announcing her new solo career~

6 06 2011

i wouldn’t mind her having a solo career as long as she stays in c-ute :3

6 06 2011

I wouldn’t mind her having a solo career(I would be very happy!),as long as she stays in Buono! ^_^ and C-ute :P

6 06 2011

I don’t think it’ll be something like graduation/audition cus it’s usually not members who make such announcements, and if so, they would have chosen Leader to do so or the whole group to announce this…
I bet it has smthn to do with her releases or future wirk for her… Maybe she’ll release a solo single who knows.

Yet anything can be expected xD

6 06 2011

Who knows at this point, right!? With all we’ve been put through, H!P fans are learning to expect anything.

6 06 2011

Hopefully she goes solo, or or audition then solo.

6 06 2011

omg I meant GRADUATION not audition then solo wtf, D;

6 06 2011

I don’t think it’s a graduation or member audition (Why would they annouce a graduation or member audition on YT?)…. :P

I think it may be a solo single for Airi (maybe for an anime or something… like they did with Risako for Elegant girl)… Since she is the only one to appear in the annoucement video… :P

6 06 2011

Okay,now I think we should calm down.Why would she announce a graduation in a YT video?It would be really weird!XD
I’m sure she is going to have a solo single or smth like this!

6 06 2011

if it is a member audition it would be terrible. X_X
I mean ok, S/mileage are just in the beggining of their music career,
but C-ute were formed more than 5 years ago, so adding a new member now? that’s pretty stupid in my opinion.

the first thing that came to my head when reading about the announcment was a first solo single from Airi.
and if it will be a solo single, I’m sure she wil NOT leave C-ute because of that. even Tsunku isn’t that stupid to let the best singer of the group/one of the favorite members to leave the group. ~_~

6 06 2011

I reallllllllly doubt it’s an audition/grad. Her tone is too happy for graduation (unless it’s herself and she’s ready to move on, still doubt it highly) and … if they DID hold auditions for this already long-existing group… I would think Tsunku would wait until at least after the other two auditions currently going on.

And like others are saying, if it was super-exciting-important, it wouldn’t announced on YouTube.

Oh, Airi… Making an announcement about making an announcement.
Why must they do this?! Now people (me at least) are anxious!!
watch it be something stupid/minor

6 06 2011

…Or what if C-ute got sub-members/sub-groups like S/mileage might? XD

6 06 2011

This made me really nervous for a minute.

6 06 2011

Oh no she won’t…

6 06 2011

Buono will be a full-time group now, so Miya, Airi, and Momo will be graduating Berryz/c-ute to concentrate on Buono
(probably not, but if only haha)

7 06 2011

XD I wish they’d make Buono! a full time group but not at Berryz/C-ute’s expense though. If they did that C-ute would have a really hard time recovering since they’d be down another member, one of their most popular ones too.

6 06 2011

I think there is no need to be anxious about her announcement. Because she’s
saying in the video “~楽しいお知らせをするんで~”(=I will announce some pleasant
(happy,enjoyable) thing–. I think it will be some “event” .it will not be her solo
debut or graduation or audition.

6 06 2011

I’m betting it’s just some sort of solo work, but nothing that will take her from C-ute, or anything H!P-related. Like, getting a role in a tele series or movie; something popular. Since she just had two PB’s released, I doubt it’s another one of those… but we’ll see XD

11 06 2011

So what is it?

11 06 2011

It was the announcement about the live streaming for their concert ^_^

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