Next Ustreamusume To Feature All Leaders

6 06 2011

It was announced that the next Ustreamusume show on 6/8 will feature all leaders from the Mobekimasu groups, although with a few changes.

Niigaki Risa, the host of the show along with the 9th generation members who have been doing the Ustreamusume shows from the beginning will be present along with: Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume), Shimizu Saki (Berryz Koubou), Okai Chisato (C-ute), Wada Ayaka (S/mileage) and Mano Erina.

Before everyone starts thinking it’s a mispelling, Chisato will effectively replace Maimi for this show since the official leader of C-ute will be absent, and I have to say that it was intreeguing that they picked Chisa instead of Nakky who is the second oldest, but I think they did a good job since Chisa’s personality could brighten up the show.

Apart from that, I’m really excited for this show since it will be fun to see the leaders (and Chissa) from each group react with the new 9th generation member since it seems that they didn’t have the chance to be with them that much yet, and I hope that they’ll have guests like this more often since the only exceptions that occur usually in Ustream show is members from other groups appearing a few seconds for promotion.

Hopefully everyone can catch the show on Wednesday and see how well the members interact with each other.

The show will be aired on 6/8 at 20:00 JST.

Ustreamusume Channel

H!P Official Page About Announcement




12 responses

6 06 2011

Oh so it’s leaders (and Mano) + the 9th gen (and Risa)? That’s awesome! I was under the impression that it was only going to be the leaders.

Well, this promises to be an awesome show, maybe with some announcements? (there has to be a reason for the various H!P leaders to come together right?)

Hah! A conference of H!P leaders. Reminds me of the UN. Deciding the fate of the world as we know it!

(btw anyone think they’ll really run out of space in that Ustream-studio with that many people in it?)

6 06 2011

I had a hard time coming up with a proper title to explain everything (Chisa replacing Maimi and Mano who is her own leader xD) so I went on with saying “Leaders” as a whole xD
I also think it’ll be interesting to see what they will say and if there’s a purpose for this but it’ll definitely be something interesting to watch…

Oh and I wouldn’t worry about space if I were you, just pray that Zukki doesn’t wear her affro again since she’ll cover the other members xD

6 06 2011

I can’t wait for this because I’m glad all the leaders (and chisa) will get to no they 9ki members so well. Gaki san will obviously be there because she they sub leader and she been they head of they show so I guess this will be exiting for us and they leaders

6 06 2011

Whoa, the regulars (Gaki+9ki) and the rest of Mobekimasu leaders? This will be awesome!! I’m ready to see some 9ki-senpai action! XD

Sadly, no Captain and Maimi interaction. D:

Like TommyVD, I’m wondering if there will be some announcements? Or maybe they’ll talk about the summer concert?

6 06 2011
Roddy Reta

Nice to see they’re trying new things and varying the format a little bit.

6 06 2011

with Airi’s upcoming announcement June 10th on YouTube, the new S/mileage auditions, and Momusu auditions, Ai-chan leaving, and Maimi not showing up as leader for this Ustreamusume, I have a feeling BIG shakeups are in the works and I am very very worried. I know thin gs change but I have a bad feeling about this…I do NOT want to see C-ute or Berryz messed with in ANY way! But, I have a feeling something is going down with C-ute…

6 06 2011

I still think it’s highly unlikely they’ll announce anything “major” via Ustream or Youtube. We may get some minor things though, maybe new activities or releases.

6 06 2011

Does anyone know where Maimi is and why she isn’t taking part in this?

6 06 2011

probably busy with her stage play.

6 06 2011

This is great!! Can’t wait for the interaction btwn the kyuukies and Chisa(and the others) XD

6 06 2011

Anyone know what time the streaming starts for EST o 3o I keep missing these.

7 06 2011

If you go to their Ustream page, you can set a reminder. That way you get an e-mail an hour before it starts.

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