Mano Erina – “My Days For You” Cover Released

6 06 2011

One of the cover for Mano Erina’s 10th single titled My Days For You has been released.

Even though we don’t know which cover this it since someone found it by mistake, but it still sets us in the theme given to the covers and I have to say that I’m a little disappointed by what we got to see.

The cover is as usual, a close-up shot of Mano smiling widely wearing a white blouse and her hair happily flowing in the wind with a white headband on it, and the background used is green and very blurry, but it seems like she’s in a field standing before the stairs where the audience sits to watch a match…

Even though usually Mano’s covers are simple, they manage to give them a nice addition like cool backgrounds, flashy texts or cute facial expressions from her to make them unique and attractive, but this time, the cover seems very plain which is kind of deceiving, and the plane black title and informations seem to fit wrong with the colors and the heavy amount of green on the background.

This is only one of the covers, and it is most probably the regular cover, so hopefully we’ll soon know which one it is and get to see the others too to see if they all have that similar theme or if they have different settings and outfits used in them (we only got to see one version of the PV where Mano is wearing a completely different outfit so maybe this white one is used in another version and we’ll see the black outfit in one of the covers).

The release date is set for 6/29.




5 responses

6 06 2011

Regular Edition: … ^^’ say! I compared the size with a Limited Edition Cover (I hope you understande me! :D)

6 06 2011

Regular and Limited covers both have the same size but this picture happens to be in High Quality which makes it look bigger (I think that’s what you’re referring to…)
Although we’ll have to wait to see it uploaded on the official page or on amazon to make sure :)

6 06 2011

Actually this cover wasn’t found by mistake. This was posted by Mano’s manager onto Lockerz.

6 06 2011

no, they never haz the same size and I have all the covers of all the singles of ºC-ute and I compared it… it was the same size with the square covers no with the Limited & Regular rectangular Covers like “Kiss me Aishiteru” or “Momoiro Sparkling” Covers

6 06 2011

Oh sorry I didn’t know about that since I don’t have any H!P CD ^_^’

well you’re the experts here so if you say it’s a Limited Edition cover you must be right but I’m going to wait to know which one it is!
Thanks for the info!

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