News Coverage Of S/mileage’s Member Auditions

5 06 2011

BARKS news has released coverage for S/mileage’s new member audition.

When asked what type of member he’s looking for this is what Tsunku said:

“I’m (looking) for members who seem like they’ll motivate S/mileage and Hello! Project. I might even pull girls from the Eggs (Hello! Project trainees). I’ve been thinking of adding Eggs into S/mileage. Basically, I’m looking for their appeal to the public.”

I wasn’t too surprised though that he may look at the H!P Eggs since S/mileage was created from them plus he looked to them during the Morning Musume 9th gen auditions.

However Tsunku also noted that he may have a system of “sub-members” and he may even add up to 6 members to the group. While I’m not sure what he means by sub-members these are his comments from the article. (Translation thanks to TokyoHive)

“Three or four sub-members, and one or two normal members, if I add six members, they’ll all be sub-members, but if there’s a girl who’s outstanding I’ll make her a main member.”

Some fans are speculating that Tsunku is trying to bring back a workshop type group, similar to what he had in mind for Berryz Koubou, where the members would be rotated. I think that would be quite interesting but for now we’ll just have to wait for more info from Tsunku.

The auditions are filled with a lot of surprises so far and according to the article this is only for the 1st day! Hopefully more news will be released regarding the auditions, until then please continue to support S/mileage.

TokyoHive Translation Page

BARKS news Coverage




11 responses

5 06 2011

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: as long as none of the original members get pushed aside I’m perfectly fine with this.

Submembers do indeed make me think about the original concept behind Berryz Kobo, but it also reminds me of certain groups with the number 48 in the title (I have nothing against those groups). I hope he’s not trying to copy those.

I’m optimistic though. Tsunku’s crazy, we all know that, but he’s not an idiot.

5 06 2011

I have to agree with that, he’s wacky sometimes but all (most) of his ideas turn out to be awesome…

It’d be interesting to see how the submembers will be showed and if it will be a rotating group, and I’m praying for him to add eggs, not as main, but as sub-members since they’ll get exposure and a little bit of extra fans (If only Karin could get in <3).

5 06 2011

I’m still campaigning for Karin as a 10th gen Morning Musume member. I think she’s the ace of the current Eggs. She blew me away when she and Shin Minimoni performed Taiyo and Ciscomoon’s Gatamekira at the 2011 H!P Winter Concerts.

5 06 2011

I always though of her as “cute” before seeing her perfirm Gatamekira! Her voice is stable, strong and she is confident in herself, so I wouldn’t mind seeing her in S/mileage to give some pumps to the group in terms of vocals (she and Sakitty would be the decent ones in singing), but if she gets in Momusu I’ll definitely be overjoyed!

5 06 2011

Hmm… well, im kinda confused as to what he means, im looking foward to seeing what happens!!
Whatever he’s thinking of doing, it’ll probably be a good idea.
this is kind of exciting!

5 06 2011

When reading that thing about the eggs, I immediately thought of Rie Kaneko, Akari Takeuchi and Haruka Kudou. I think that they would fit into S/mileage. Not because they’ve all got mor or less short hair, but they’ve got a certain aura and expression of which I think that it would be a good addition to the current members.

Of course I hope too that the original members will stay.

5 06 2011

lol XD *Tsunku’s pose in the picture*
Hmm…I don’t know what he mean by adding sub-members but it seems interesting.
The description is also interesting.It looks like he wants members that appeal to the public,someone who could make S/mileage and H!P even more popular.I’m looking forward to it!

5 06 2011

Yeah I also hope he doesn’t try to copy the “48 group”.

5 06 2011

If anything they copied Tsunku…

The Berryz Koubou concept came out before, the graduations and auditions and the biggest one is a girl group..

Tsunku is a mastermind, why else would there be so many girl groups in Japan now?

Also that’s the only picture I could find for the auditions since the site wouldn’t let me take a photo >.< but I giggled too when I saw the photo

5 06 2011

I think the original members would find it easier to get along with another Egg for various reasons, but I think it’s a waste of time to hold an audition to add more members if he’s going to only add Eggs. I hope we get a mix if he does add Egg(s).
Like TommyVD said, it reminds me of Berryz’ original concept of switching with the other HP Kids, but it also makes me think he might create a whole new group that’s still under S/mileage’s name… Like how there’s different AKB groups I guess?
Tsunku’s crazy sometimes, but most of his ideas and decisions turn out pretty good. I trust him.

5 06 2011

Hmm… I think it would be cool to have a group that rotates it members, but I don’t think it should be S/mileage. Tsunku-san should created a seperate group specificly for that. That would be a better idea in my opinion. I think adding a new member to the group is okay (the idea has sunk in with me now) but… I dunno, it might be like Berryz where he dropped idea, I’m kinda hoping he will, but…

Whatever he does, I’ll have to deal anyways, so… lol Theres no point in worrying about it. D:

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