Morning Musume 47th Single Announced

5 06 2011

Morning Musume’s 47th single, currently untitled, has been announced by a blog post from Reina.

Reina mentionned in her blog post that they had the shooting for the jacket of the single today (47枚目のジャケ写), which should be enough proof that the preparation for the single is starting off well and that everything is already planned.

I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with how fast Momusu releases are being lately since there is no more than 2 months difference between each single’s release, which means a lot more work for the members, but I can’t help but think that they want to release as many singles as possible before Ai-chan’s graduation.

Even though we don’t know anything about the single yet, mostly if it will be Ai-chan’s last single or not, but if they keep up with the 2 months schedule for each single, this could not be the last, although in my opinion, this could pretty much be the last single for Ai-chan since it will take time to prepare for it and their autumn concert tour (although anything can happen)…

We have no title, release date or official information about the single, but it seems for me like a great opportunity for the 9ki members since they will have been present for 3 singles already, which is nice exposure since I expected the 47th single to be the first of the 10th generation, and I’m glad it’s not the case since it gives them a little more time to shine and be known by the fans.

Hopefully more details will be out soon, mostly the release date to know if it will be or not Ai-chan’s latest single, and what kind of theme or special touch it will have.

Reina’s blog entry about 47th single jacket shooting




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5 06 2011

Yay! It might be their last single if they end up releasing an album before she graduates!! I’m hoping they do, so they can sing all the songs in the autumn concert :D!! I was depressed that Fantasy Juichi came out after the tour started so we couldn’t see the songs live with all 8 members :(

5 06 2011

I have a feeling single because I don’t think that Tsunku or UFA could pass up the chance to bring out an album before Ai-chan’s graduation.

Hopefully this single will feature the rest of the 9th gen and not just Riho (that really annoyed me when it happened but I can’t change anything can I?). It would be great to let everyone else shine, especially Mizuki, who has had the least coverage out of all the 9th Gen.

I hope that this single is just as brilliant as the others!

5 06 2011

soo excited and their 46th isn’t even out yet :P
lmaoo im always excited for something concerning morning musume it seems! :)
Hopefully, Mizuki and Kanon really shine in this PV!!
and I’m thinking this is going to be Ai-chan’s last single, but I could be wrong!
Maybe they’ll even release a single before the 10th generation is added? But, I’m probably wrong about that.
i wouldn’t seem to hopeful about a good line distribution. If this is Ai’s last single, be prepared to hear ALOT of her, not that im complaining because if this is her last one, she has to leave with a bang! I just don’t want Reina to be the second lead vocalist again, it may be good to give it to someone else for a change! Even riho or mizuki, i like their voices!! ^^
Can’t wait for more information about this single!

5 06 2011

If anyone is gonna take any more lines than the others, it should be Aichan. It’s gonna feel so different without her, we should get to hear her more while we can before she goes.

5 06 2011

Oh God. Let’s hope there will be just one more single before Ai goes.

If not I will cherish this one so much.

5 06 2011

Wow I’m so exited for this single and yh I think that they are going to do many single before ai chan graduation. And I’m so impressed by they 9th generation members for doing so well in morning musume. I hope their will be a 48th single before her graduation ;)

5 06 2011

I wonder what kind of image this will be/who will lead?
I mean probably ReinAi but I wonder if Riho will still lead or will it be like Maji-Ska? Hmm. :D They’re working so hard!

5 06 2011

I’ve known the news at this site, now!
Surely,Reina wrote it on her blog”I can not post the photo of 47th outfit,I’m sorry”
I think the 47th has already made and recorded or will record soon.

5 06 2011

P.S.: I’ve found a hint? of the 47th in Sayu’s blog.
Michishige posted on her blog the same day of Reina’s posting about 47th.
Translation of above is: I(=sayu) have been made my hair style like “matured look” for photo shooting–(This shooting may be for 47th.)
Please watch Sayu’s blog of 6/4,21:31 JST,She posted “matured (adult)” hair style. If her hair style is for 47th,it may be the hint of 47th.

5 06 2011


It would really be perfect to end her generation with the big 50!

5 06 2011

if she stayed until December, it would be possible.
but if she only stays till september, that probably wont happen.
sorry :(

5 06 2011

If she can stand still until the 50 MV then i can’t never be happier for her graduation :) , Although i catch every single blog of Reina-chan :P . I wonder how well the 10th gen will be !

5 06 2011

suuge! 47th? woow cant wait..
but it will be release after 10th gen join right?

ih maii.. cant wait ^^b

5 06 2011

Ai-chan’s last single :(

6 06 2011

Yay!IF this is Ai-chan’s last song,I hope it’s a good one!Ai-chan leads,of course,but maybe get the chance to hear another members..??Like Mizuki for example!:D
So exciteeed~!

6 06 2011
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8 06 2011

expected release ASAP single~…..since aichan gonna graduated during september…just i hope they gonna release their 12th album before aichan graduated….so its gonna be the 1st album for 9th generation and last for aichan….good luck momusu~

9 06 2011
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