New Dates Added To S/mileage’s New Member Audition Interviews

4 06 2011

Two additional dates have been added for the interview auditions for S/mileage’s new member addition.

I have to say that I’m quite surprised to see that 2 more dates have been added since this only means one thing, which is that there was a lot of girls aufitioning and participating, which made the staff and the team add 2 more dates to get the best out of each girl coming and have a larger variety of talents to choose from.

It’s very nice to see how many attendants seem to be interested in joining the group since it reveals how many young girls actually do follow and like S/mileage, and I’m pleasantly surprised about the announcement since it will give girls who didn’t have a chance to come another opportunity to show their talent, and this way, Tsunku will be sure to be choosing the bests from a big number of appliants.

There were also a few reports from various sites like Barks, Oricon or Cinematoday, covering the first day of auditions, and even though there are only a few pictures (most of them are of the staff and Tsunku), it’s still nice to see that the audition is taking such a big part in the press. I recommend that everyone sees the pictures published by Barks since it gives an idea about the audition.

Overall, I really like the fact that they gave a small gap between the 2 sections of the audition with the added dates since it will give more girls time to prepare their trips if they live a little far from the location, and also allow more and more people to apply so I can’t wait until we see some kind of ranking or see the candidates once the audition goes on.

Hopefully everyone who wants to apply will be able to catch their chance on the added dates!

The added dates are on 6/25 and 6/26.

S/mileage’s official page about news

Barks article about news




7 responses

4 06 2011

However this turns out, for the moment it’s quite exciting.

4 06 2011

This still bugs me. They won Rookie of the Year, and he’s thinking of REMOVING members? I feel so bad for Ayaka, Yuuka, Kanon, and Saki. Those four worked so hard to get to this point in their career, and for what, possibly being shoved out?

4 06 2011

He actually said that there is the possibility that members might be demoted, but that’s somewhat expected since he mentioned that members can be added anytime (if someone can enter then someone can leave as well), although that doesn’t mean he is planning on removing any members from the group ^_^

I doubt we will see him remove members anytime soon so I wouldn’t worry about that now ^o^

4 06 2011

It still kinda angers me that he’s even thinking of any of this really.
Maybe JUST MAYBE he’ll see the error of his ways and make another group out of this instead? I wouldn’t mind.
But whatever happens happens. I won’t stop supporting S/mileage.

4 06 2011

I never heard he was thinking of REMOVING members!!!
If he removes anyone omg I dunno what I’ll do ;o;

4 06 2011

Yes, he has said something about removing members. It makes me want to hurl.

5 06 2011

I’m happy to see that there are so many girls who have interest in S/mileage :)
I also hope Tsunku doesn’t remove members!

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