Fujimoto Miki Models For “a.g. plus”

3 06 2011

Fujimoto Miki models for “a.g. plus”.

At first I though it was a modeling agency, I thought that she might be going towards modeling for her career. However after checking out the website a bit the company is actually a clothing company.

I like a lot of the outfits Mikitty poses with, it’s a mature-casual type outfit and it works really well with her. Even the photos taken have a mature-casual type feel them, I think it’s mainly because of the colors of the photo that gives it this feel.

There is a photo gallery with about 10 photos for fans to enjoy on the site. I highly recommend all fans check them out since I don’t know how much longer they’ll be featured on the website.

Here’s a couple photos for now:

a.g plus website




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4 06 2011
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