New Date Added To Buono’s “Live Tour 2011 Summer ~Rock’n Buono! 4~”

2 06 2011

According to the June FC newsletter two new dates have been added to Buono’s next tour titled Buono! Live Tour 2011 Summer ~Rock’n Buono! 4~.

I was very surprised about the announcement since I didn’t expect to see any more additions to Buono’s concert tour (mostly because their tours are usually short and don’t have that many dates) but I’m happy to see that two additional concerts have been added for early September since fans can enjoy another performance from this great group.

So far there are 9 concerts planned for August and September, so fans will most likely be very happy since those who can’t go to the August dates can go to the September performances, and since the tour will end later that gives fans a chance to go to one more Buono concert before fall ends.

It’s still too early to find out if there will be more additions to the tour but since we are about 2 months away from the start it seems like this is the final schedule, but meanwhile I encourage Buono fans to plan out their schedule if they haven’t done so already since this tour will most likely be among the best this year.

Here is the schedule so far:

Date Venue Concert starts
08/20 Nanba Hatch (Osaka) 14:00 / 18:00
08/22 Zepp Nagoya (Aichi) 19:00
08/27 Yokohama Blitz (Kanagawa) 15:00 / 18:30
08/28 Yokohama Blitz (Kanagawa) 14:00 / 18:00
09/03 DRUM LOGOS (Fukuoka) 14:45 / 18:00



4 responses

3 06 2011

Yay!More Buono! greatness :)

3 06 2011

Could You add me to Your blog list?
I have already added You ^^
P.S. I’m really Sorry for asking and being annoying TT

3 06 2011

Please don’t be sorry, you’re not annoying at all ^_^
I’m glad that fans add this site to their blog list, and I just added your site to mine as well ^o^

Thank you and I wish the best of luck to your site! (^o^)/

4 06 2011

Thank You very much! It means a lot to me^^

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