Mano Erina – “From Days” DVD Cover Released

2 06 2011

The cover for Mano Erina’s 3rd solo DVD titled From Days has been released.

The cover features Mano smiling cutely at the camera while wearing a blue bikini and posing in a beach setting, and even though I prefer a cover with a casual outfit I have to admit that I am amazed at how great Mano looks on the cover since it seems like a cute and simple theme that fits her personality.

I am pretty impressed with the cover since we get to see not only an outfit that she will be using in the DVD but also the setting for a scene, and even though the somewhat simple but cute boxes around the title letters and the “Erina Mano DVD” under it in the form of a smile could have looked a bit better I really like how the cover came out since Mano looks incredible as always.

Overall the cover is pretty amazing since we get to see Mano’s cute smile as well as a blue bikini she will be wearing in the DVD, and despite the simple but cute title art the cover turned out to be an impressive and eye catching hint at the great footage that will be included.

Hopefully we get to see a preview for the DVD sometime soon since the release is a few weeks away, but for now I recommend Mano fans reserve their copy of the DVD as well as the PB since this seems like it will be another amazing Mano release.

The release date is set for 6/22.




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