Suzuki Kanon’s “Greeting ~Suzuki Kanon” E-Hello! DVD Announced

1 06 2011

Suzuki Kanon’s e-Hello! DVD titled Greeting ~Suzuki Kanon~ has been announced.

As promised another 9th generation member will release a solo e-Hello DVD this month, and this time it’s Suzuki Kanon’s turn, and since I am a big fan of hers I have been looking forward to seeing a preview for her DVD since they announced it, so I was very happy that a video and a preview image were released.

The image features Kanon smiling at the camera while standing next to a white door, and while it might be a bit simple I am impressed with how great it turned out since we get to see Kanon’s great smile, and even though it is a DVD I really hope we get to see a PB sometime in the future since she looks perfect in the image.

The preview video on the Morning Musume Youtube channel features Kanon in various scenes: the video starts off with Kanon drinking from a cup and smiling at the camera while in a home setting wearing a black and white dress with a giant black bow, after which we see her sitting against a car in blue overall shorts (the same as the image above), and finally we see Kanon in a schoolgirl outfit in a country setting.

I was very impressed with the preview video since we got to see some amazing shots of Kanon smiling at the camera and having fun while laughing, and while the preview is only about one minute long I loved every single second since the outfits and settings all looked perfect along with Kanon’s great smile, especially the scenes where she simply looked at the camera.

I might be a bit biased since she and Mizuki are my favorites from the 9th generation, but there’s nothing cuter than Kanon smiling at the camera (almost all fans can agree that she has a great smile) so I was impressed from the start, so I hope many fans can check out the video since it is a great way to find out more about how the DVD will look and what outfits to expect (since there are almost always 3 outfits in each DVD).

It’s only a 60 minute DVD but I strongly suggest that anyone who can to preorder a copy since this will be her first solo release, and while it isn’t a PB or something similar I look forward to seeing this DVD when it is released.

Hopefully everyone who can reserves their copy!

The DVD will be up for preorder until 6/20.

Video uploaded by: morningmusumechannel

E-Lineup Site For Kanon’s DVD




16 responses

1 06 2011

She has a smile that could stop wars.

I am greatly looking forward to this and I hope someone subs it at some point.

9th gen rocks!

1 06 2011

Waaaaa i love Zukki ♥ She is my favourite of 9th gen :)))
She is cute and her smile.. I can’t hate that girl.
Zukki is happy, genuinely <3

1 06 2011

aww soo cute!!!
She is soo my fav member of morning musume at the moment!
I love her, she’s soo adorable!! :)
I hope lots of people buy this dvd and support her!

1 06 2011

While I usually think these are a waste of time…This one is so worth it! You can fully see her personality here compared to pictures where you only get a glimpse!
Her smile is just adorable. <3

1 06 2011

OMG this video made my day!XD Kanon’s smile is simply the best thing EVER!<3

1 06 2011

I’m not her most dedicated fan but I think she’s a very promising idol. I can’t wait for her to fully bloom. Her smile is great but she closes her eyes all too often :D

1 06 2011

wow, she is so beautiful.
this video is so cuuute<3
I love her<3

1 06 2011

Suzuki is so adorable!! In some way she reminds me of Kusumi Koharu. =]

1 06 2011

She does doesn’t she, although it seems she has more vocal potential. All she really needs is control and she’ll be belting out those lines like it was no tomorrow.

1 06 2011

I agree with you :) Kanon and Koharu,both happy girls!^_^

1 06 2011
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1 06 2011

relly like this~…3> 3> 3>

1 06 2011

Oh god, she is just so adorable. She’s a natural
ZUKKI!!!~ <3

1 06 2011

Kanon and Mizuki are also my favorite 9th gen~ <3
Kanon is absolutly adorable, you just cannot not love her.
I truly believe that she will grow to be a great idol in the future. :)
she's so cute and natural in this vid, you woudn't guess that she's in show biz for like, just 4 months? <3

I really wonder who's the first 9th gen that'll get a photobook.. :o

1 06 2011

In July, Morning Musume has a FC tour in Hawaii.
Maybe there will be a announce for a new Alo Hello! Morning Musume photobook

Zukki is just too adorable. Her smile is just amazing
This made my day

1 06 2011

She’s so energetic, can’t wait to see more of her :)

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