Morning Musume To Appear On Happy Music

1 06 2011

Morning Musume will appear on Happy Music to promote their 46th single Only You.

As expected promotion for their next single is underway and it seems that we are in for quite a lot of promotion since their media page mentions that they will be appearing in about 13 shows this month (mostly Sayu, but promotion is promotion), which is quite impressive since that means that UFA is trying hard to make sure this single sells well.

Among the list is Happy Music, and since it will be the only show where the whole group appears it will most likely mean that we will finally get to see the single being performed live (apart from the concerts), and I’m looking forward to that since we will probably see how fans of the show react to the song.

The PV has passed the half million mark in only a week so we will find out if that combined with the giant list of promotions (from TV, radio, and magazines) helps viewers check out this great song.

The single will be released in two weeks so I hope fans have already reserved their copies, if not I encourage everyone to do so since this single is turning out to be a pretty interesting release.

They will appear on 6/10 (24:58 ~ 25:53).

Official UFA Page For Morning Musume’s Media Appearances

EDIT: According to Reina the appearance on Happy Music will be split in two:

  • 6/10 – Performance
  • 6/17 – Talk

Reina’s Blog Entry About Happy Music




6 responses

1 06 2011

really happy theyre on happy music :D
hope they wont be just performing though >____<

1 06 2011

missing half my reply again….
*really hope this single sells well…

1 06 2011
Roddy Reta

Isn’t the whole group also performing the song on Music Japan? I know that was taped a few weeks ago, but I don’t think it’s been shown yet.

2 06 2011

Yes, they are appearing on Music Japan, but I have no idea when it might air ^_^;;;

It will probably air soon ^o^

1 06 2011

Yes don’t forget Music Japan! They performed before a live audience!

2 06 2011

Yes! So far to shows!
Happy music and music Japan!
Let’s hope that Morning Musume’s single sells well!
I really hope so! It’s really good and the PV is very pretty :)
I think it’s more of a crowd pleaser that some of their other PVs

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