Takahashi Ai and Morning Musume Will Appear In A Movie Titled “Sharehouse”

31 05 2011

Takahashi Ai and Morning Musume will appear in a movie titled Sharehouse.

The story deals with 4 widows and each of them having their own story.

Even though Morning Musume won’t be the main characters of the movie (the main roles are for the 4 widows) I am glad to see that they will appear since it gives them a chance to show of their acting skills, and while I have no clear idea how they will be tied in to the story I am interested in finding out when a detailed summary of the movie is released.

For those that may be wondering why Takahashi is mentioned as not being part of Morning Musume it most likely has to do with the fact that she will probably graduate before the release, which is fair since Ai-chan will most likely have her acting career underway by the time the movie is released and she will need to be mentioned separately.

Apart from that it seems that this will be the first movie where the 9th generation will appear, so I am looking forward to finding out how well they act or if they have enough screentime or lines, but we will probably see for ourselves when a trailer is released.

Hopefully we get a trailer or a summary of the movie soon since I am excited to find out just what the movie will be about.

The movie will be released in theaters on 11/12.

Fujisan Site About The Movie




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1 06 2011
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1 06 2011

oh!! i cant wait for this movie to come out..but i live in the US and idk if this movie will be in theaters here. please answer me asap if u have any info about it! :D thanks in advance.

ありがとう ^_^

2 06 2011

Sadly, I don’t think the movie will be released here ^_^;;;

It seems that it will be one of those movies that is shown only in theaters in Japan, but there should be a DVD release of the movie eventually and that means that fans in the US can enjoy it as well ^_^

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