S/mileage Makes A Cameo In The New Movie “Ikedan”

31 05 2011

S/mileage will be making a brief cameo in the new movie titled “Ike! Danshi Koko Engekibu” (Ikedan for short.)

S/mileage will be playing themselves and from the trailer they have very minor roles. Even though they’re roles are very limited the movie itself seems pretty interesting and is a comedy type movie. The trailer doesn’t have any minutes on them but S/mileage makes 3 quick appearances.

The first (about 2/4 of the way) is a photobook. I’ve never seen their photobook before but the way the person holds the pictures seems like a book and S/mileage has only had 1 photobook so I’m assuming it’s the same. The photobook is S/mileage’s  “1st Live ~Devil Smile Angel Smile~

The second appearance (3/4 of the way) is a quick shot of S/mileage performing on a stage. We can’t hear what song they’re singing but it only lasts about 1 second so we wouldn’t have heard much.

The final appearance (beginning of 4/4) shows a clip of a man dancing to one of S/mileage’s songs. Although we can’t hear the song he’s dancing to I recognize the dance moves as one of S/mileage’s. Plus the dance he’s doing is not one guys do commonly so I’m sure it’s not an original of his. Also in this shot there’s a poster of Maeda Yuuka in the background and another member. I can’t tell whose the other member because of the angle of the scene but I think it could be Ogawa Saki.

Even though S/mileage makes only a small appearance in the trailer I suggest fans watch the entire thing since it seems really funny and you don’t need to know Japanese to understand what’s going on, the actions speak for itself.

Hopefully all fans can still support S/mileage regardless of their minor roles. The movies is set to release on 8/6.

Movie Trailer



5 responses

31 05 2011

I watched the trailer and the movie seems hilarious! xDD
I really loved the part at the end with the guy dancing and the poster of Yuuka (And I think Kanon) on the right
It just looked really… funny xDD

31 05 2011

Didn’t expect much, but the movie actually seems to be really funny.

I guess the store owner is a wota?

31 05 2011

LOL all the dances are Yume Miru 15sai. can’t wait to watch this XD

31 05 2011

Yup, Yume Miru 15sai. I was dying. This movie looks pretty interesting though, lol.

1 06 2011

Looks pretty damn funny xD

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