Konno Asami-Updated Profile On Tv Tokyo’s Page

31 05 2011

 Konno Asami’s profile has been updated on Tv Tokyo’s page and her blog.

I didn’t get a chance to check out her blog before the change so I’m not sure what exactly is different. On her profile page there’s a video of Konkon, it’s a short clip and I believe that she’s introducing herself to fans. Underneath that is some information about her, like her favorite food, music, books, hometown, etc.

I’m very interested in the video of her introduction. Like I said before I didn’t get a chance to check out the blog and I haven’t followed Konkon since the Elder Club’s graduation so seeing her video I was very intrigued. First she’s very different from her H!P days, she’s much more serious and I’m sure a tv announcer has to be while they report the news. Another thing I wanted to say regarding the video is she’s less quiet than she use to be. As an H!P member I always though of her as a very shy member. In this clip though she seems more confident but she still has a soft voice.

It’s been awhile since Konkon has had any activity so hopefully an updated profile hints that she’ll be doing something soon, even though it’s not a H!P related activity hopefully everyone can still support Konno!

Konno Asami Profile





One response

31 05 2011

She seems to have a lot more voice-control than before (still a bit soft though)
It’s ironic but I’m betting she would be a better singer today.

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