Arihara Kanna’s 2nd Solo DVD Titled “Ano Toki”

31 05 2011

The title for Arihara Kanna’s 2nd Solo DVD has been revealed to be Ano Toki (Eng: Back then).

I’m happy to see that we finally get some more details about Kanna’s DVD since it was announced quite some time ago (back in mid-April), and while we haven’t seen a cover or any other kind of preview I am glad that at least the title was revealed a few weeks before the release.

The title is pretty interesting since it seems to hint that we will see a theme with some kind of a back story, although most likely we will just see Kanna posing in a bikini and casual outfits like her previous DVD, but we don’t know for sure since details are not available.

Hopefully we get some kind of preview before the release, otherwise we will probably have to wait until mid-June to find out more about the content.

The DVD will be released on 6/22.

E-Net Page For Kanna’s DVD




One response

31 05 2011

Can’t wait, the last one was smoking hot!

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