Morning Musume – “Only You” Single V Cover Released

30 05 2011

The Single V cover for Morning Musume’s 46th single titled Only You has been released.

The cover has a very similar theme to all of the other editions covers which was quite expected since they only had those outfits in the PV with a same setting which would have made it hard to create a more interesting cover, but it still looks very nice with the green/blue color dominant in the background against their full white outfits.

I have to say that I really like how the members are posing here since they are all taking dramatic poses and they seem to be more or less equally shown on it (although Kanon and Ikuta are hard to see), and even though Reina, Ai and Riho are taking over the front of the cover with their unique poses and them being centered, Risa, Sayu and Mizuki most notably still have an important part in it.

Hopefully everyone who wants to provide themselves with the PV will be able to reserve a copy.

The release date is set for 6/29.

H!P official page about product




11 responses

30 05 2011

I really like the Aichan/Yasshii’s pose -u-
Would’ve switched Fukuchan and Gaki, mostly because Gaki had notable solos.

30 05 2011

I’m glad to see Fuku-chan pushed a little :)

30 05 2011

Obvious troll when using caps lock lol

standard cover. Nothing different compared to the single covers.

31 05 2011

Anyone else think the CAPLOCK key should be removed from keyboards?

I know Google did it with their Chrome Laptop.

31 05 2011

I agree XD .

31 05 2011

Switching places with Reina would give her more lines ^_^;;;;
But from what I understand you are angry that she got lines and other older members didn’t?

Riho is the most popular member of the 9th generation due to her previous experience performing, and since many fans expected a lot out of her and thought of her as the next Ai-chan it was expected that she would be in the spotlight soon, but it’s not her fault that Tsunku gave her some lines (technically “words”) ^_^

This is basically Airi and “SHOCK!” all over again XD
She was given lines (in Riho’s case “words”) to sing, she didn’t decide to sing them, she did her job as an idol, etc

When the 9th generation auditions were in progress many fans said that Riho would be chosen for sure, that she was an ace, she was going to be the next Ai-chan, she’s perfect, etc, so UFA just followed what the fans wanted and as a result she sings a few words in this single (that and Tsunku’s decisions based on who is more suited for a line), but I wouldn’t start to hate her just because she gets a few words and my favorites Mizuki and Kanon don’t, it’s an idol group managed by a company and the object is to sell, not to give everyone lines and make everything equal (even if it was equal there would be some fans complaining that their favorite is more talented than others and deserves more lines, so anything UFA does will receive some negative feedback).

Tsunku determines who gets what lines and she sings what she was asked to sing, hating her simply because she did her job is simply not fair at all ^_^
Besides, I’m a Sayu fan so I am very used to seeing my favorite get only one word or less in every single XD

31 05 2011

You have to delete these comments, please. I think we got a hate-spammer on here.

31 05 2011

I removed the comment to be on the safe side ^_^;;;
Thanks for mentioning that ^o^

I just wanted to mention that I allow anyone to post their views about a certain piece of news, whether they be positive or negative, but some are just overreactions. Please remember that Riho didn’t choose to sing those words, she just did her job.

This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, but I ask that anyone else who wants to comment about how much they hate Riho for singing 5 words more than the other 9th gen members to please refrain from commenting about that subject otherwise I will remove the comment (some are just trolls, so don’t take them too seriously).

Other than that please enjoy the song and don’t focus to much on who sings what ^_^

31 05 2011

What a troll -_-”
Ok, hate on UFA,but don’t hate on Riho just beacause she did her job!She doesn’t ask for lines,she just gets lines and sings them.She is just doing her job and she does it pretty good!I’m a bit disappointed that Mizuki,my fave one didn’t get solo lines,but I know she will get her chance to shine too.After all is our fault for venerating Riho (I liked Riho at first but I changed my mind and start liking Mizuki after I saw Riho’s serious personality.And I think that a lot of people did the same.).

31 05 2011

Yay Mizuki isn’t in the back!:) Kanon and Erina are really hard to see but we can see other members than Ai,Reina and Riho at least :).Great cover!

31 05 2011

I get what you mean about not liking Riho in the centre. I don’t dislike Riho in the centre but I wish the ither Kyuukies were in the centre too. it’s not even her fault. Maybe if you actually watched H!P shows, you’d know her personality. She’s a nice girl.

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