New S/mileage Member Auditions Announced

29 05 2011

S/mileage announced at their event today that they will be holding an audition for a new member.

This was confirmed by the official site as well as various official Twitter accounts:

Here are the requirements:

  • By 1st of May 2011 a girl who is in middle- or high school. Or in that age (13~18)
  • Must have parental/guardian’s agreement agreement, sign and stamp.

The first round will require singing and an interview in Shibuya in June.

Flier for the new member auditions

I am very shocked about the announcement since I didn’t expect to see any auditions for S/mileage at all anytime soon, especially for members that are not Eggs, but it seems that the news has been confirmed by the official site and the application is available for anyone interested in participating.

Tsunku mentioned when S/mileage were formed that the members weren’t final and might change (he just mentioned it again after a fan tweeted a question), so there was always the possibility of the group changing (many fans thought he dropped the idea, but apparently not), nonetheless this is something I didn’t expect to see at all and I’m excited to see what the results will be.

The audition age requirements seem to be a bit higher than Momusu’s since the lowest limit is placed at 13 years, instead of Momusu’s 10 years (S/mileage are also looking for members up to 18 years, in contrast to Momusu’s 17 year old limit), which is interesting to see since they might be looking for members on the same age group as the current members (the current age range for members is 16 years (Wada) – 14 years (Ogawa) so the range is close).

Another difference to the Momusu audition is that the auditions will happen in about a week (Momusu’s will be about two weeks after but there was a notice a month ago), which doesn’t give much time for many people to practice and it seems that this way is a better way since we can find out if someone is naturally talented.

It will be very interesting to see what type of girls show up to the audition since this seems like it will be the first audition for an H!P group that isn’t Momusu (in recent years), and since S/mileage is slowly growing as a group there might be a bigger selection of girls auditioning.

We will most likely find out even more as the audition date nears so hopefully many girls apply since it will be interesting to see how the group will look after they add a 2nd generation.

For those in the area and who are interested in applying, the PDF file with the audition form is in the official S/mileage site link, so please take a look and check it out since it has a map of the site and other information (in Japanese).

The auditions will take place on 6/4 ~ 5 from 11:00 ~17:00.

Official S/mileage Site

EDIT: S/mileage will hold a Nico Nico Douga broadcast in about 30 or 35 min for their anniversary (it’s at 15:50 PM in Japan) so these auditions will most likely be among the main topics, here is the link:

Nico Nico Douga Broadcast Link For S/mileage’s Stream

And here is the application form for anyone interested in how it looks, although if you are applying I would strongly suggest you don’t download this image since it is smaller than the original:

EDIT2: According to the official site girls auditioning are allowed to participate in Morning Musume’s 10th generation audition as well, but they will only be able to join one group if they pass (which is logical), so hopefully we see many auditioners since there are two opportunities to join H!P.

Here is a video of the comments by the members about the audition (Yuuka doesn’t look excited at all about the news):

Video uploaded by: smileagechannel



33 responses

29 05 2011

First reaction: SHOCK!!!

Upon pondering it a bit: Tsunku is a maniacal genius.

Purely judging by sales (which aren’t the be-all end-all, I know) it looked like S/mileage was slowly running out of steam. I think they pushed the “ultra-cute” as far as they could.

Now, with delaying the new single and adding new member(s), S/mileage can start their second year reinvigorated and on top! Tsunku always said this might me a possibility and a long as no one graduates/leaves, I’m all for it.

I am supremely excited about this!

29 05 2011

I do not approve at all. The current line up is fine as it is. Is Tsunku trying to make a new Morning Musume? I do not approve. They don’t add members to Berryz or C-ute and both groups developed naturally. What is Tsunku trying to get out of this? More press?

29 05 2011

WOWOWOW!! Didn’t see this coming. I’m not totally into s/mileage but it’s surprising that he’d add members into s/mileage since Morning Musume seemed like the only group with a rotating line up. Though I’m kind of confused as his age limit for s/mileage is different from MoMusu. S/mileage member ages are pretty young and they have a youthful image and Morning Musume has a more older mature image but the age limit for s/mileage is a bit older compared to Musume??

Aw well can’t wait to see what comes out of this.

29 05 2011

This is so surprising!
I remember Tsunku’s comment that the group’s members weren’t stable but it’s so sudden to think that these amazing 4 girls who have been together for a year now (more from their Egg days) will be now with one new girl… I always liked S/mileage for line distribution and screen time so if 5th member means less for the others.. no thanks! And I wouldn’t want to see any of them graduate! :(

But Tsunku is definitly smart taking this opportunity for publicity and to get people’s interest in S/mileage grow stronger again..

29 05 2011

i think this is going to be very cool and exciting
i always really get into the morning musume auditions (even though 9th generation audition was the first i participated in since becoming a fan.) it doesn’t matter!!! I’m soo excited for new girls in s/mileage!
okay, i really love s/mileage and their image and songs, but i absolutly HATED koing no booing boo! I thought it was way to cheesy and elementary. I hope we go back to fun songs like Gambaruectutemo (spelled wrong) ee nende! and Shortcut! Those were soo fun and cute
I can’t wait to see what these members have to offer and what they are willing to give s/mileage in order to make their group better than it already is!!
S/mileage fighting!

29 05 2011

This is ridiculous! S/mileage works as a 4-nin! It totally works, look how many singles they’ve released in such a short amount of time! Look how big their fan base is! Fans like S/mileage, so why change it? Tsunku’s just auditions crazy right now and can’t stop. I wish he would add more eggs rather than hold auditions. Look at those poor eggs just sitting there doing nothing.. I know eggs can audition, too, but they shouldn’t have to.

Here’s the video of the members learning the news:

29 05 2011

When I first saw this post, the first thing I thought was “NONONONONONONONONOOOOOO!!!!” I like S/mileage the way it is, and it doesn’t really need a new member.

But now the news has sunk in for me, so even though I wasn’t expecting this at ALL, I will still cheer on the new member. I just hope she isn’t shunned too much by the fans who don’t want this.


29 05 2011

The new member won’t be an Egg; none of the current Eggs are old enough.

At first I really loved this idea, but then I saw the members’ reactions and now I’m not so sure @ ~@

29 05 2011

From the ones in the H!P list (active EGGS): Rie Kaneko, Akari Takeuchi, Rina Katsuta, Sayuki Takagi, and Wakana Nagasawa are old enough to participate, with their range being 13-14 by the time of the auditions. (The profiles that list their age need to be updated, because they’re no longer the age listed, if listed.)
The [active] EGGS that cannot participate: Karin Miyamoto, Nanami Tanabe, and Kudou Haruka, with the range being 11-12 by the time of the auditions.

TL;DR: The majority of the active EGGS, as listed in the profile section on H!SN, are elgible to participate on the account of age. Unless Tsunku suddenly declares that EGGS cannot participate, of course.

29 05 2011

Jang Da Yeon (15) is also eligible, if allowed.

30 05 2011

I dont want some random chick to come into s/mileage and take the spot light…

I want someone that worked for it to take it!

I honestly dont want anybody to go into s/mileage! T__T But if thats what Tsunku wants,I WOULD WANT IT TO B A EGG!

29 05 2011

Ohhhh o: I forgot about most of those because none of them have been in any actual groups, haha (except I think Akari?) I dunno though. Most of those are the ones who don’t have any actual exposure, so we don’t know if they’re ready yet. And Jang Da Yeon would be an absolute disaster, I really hope Tsunku isn’t considering her @ ~@

30 05 2011

Why would Jang Da Yeon be a disaster?

29 05 2011

wow, you’re right, the members don’t look happy about this

29 05 2011
Pizza Shoe Box

They looked mostly shocked to me, but I suppose they’re thinking along the same things that first gen MM had:
“Why do we need new members?”, “What’s wrong with how we are now?”, “Are we not good enough?”, etc.

It seems to just be annoyance that they feel they’re not what Tsunku wanted and that he’s willing to change them rather than help them improve. I’m sure they got a whole lot of confidence when the won Japan Record’s New Artist Award last year, so this might have been the first blow to that ego.

29 05 2011

The member reactions made me unsure as well -_-

Yuuka doesn’t look happy at all, you can see that she tries many times to smile but it’s obvious that she didn’t like the news at all since her eyes tear up and she seems really disappointed in both the announcement and the comment sections of the video since she is the only member not to smile, the other members are somewhat harder to read though, but it seems that they didn’t like the idea at all ^_^;;;

From the Youtube video it’s obvious that fans don’t like it (the video has 186 likes, but 110 dislikes) so we will have to wait and see if the strategy works out ^_^

29 05 2011

I really love S/mileage the way it is already
But I can’t help but feel excited for what kind of girls show up for the auditions
I’m completely shocked though X_x

29 05 2011

I think this might be another Morning Musume addition. Not like adding but since the group is so popular, i mean even in news articles and interviews, they have said s/mileage is the golden era from Morning Musume. So i think adding a new member to group is fantastic! I do on the other hand disaprove that only Morning Musume and S/mileage get this kind of oppurtinity and not Berry-z or C-tue. I really hope he decides to let those groups have atleast an audtion, although those two groups are super strong now so there really isn’t a need for that >..< :D don't you guys just love Tsunku he just gives us suprises every week~

29 05 2011

This was really shocking, and I saw it first on tumblr so I was able to use a .gif that showed my feelings at the time XD
I am hoping that the eligible EGGS audition, merely because I know they can jump right on into the group without as much confusion were it a newbie; out of the eligible, Takechan has shown that she’s a pretty good choice, judging from her performance at the 2011 Winter concert. Would be cool if Jang Da Yeon also auditions.
But I guess I’ll be fine with whatever happens. I’m currently happy with the group’s line distribution, though their songs are sometimes “eh” (to me)… it seems somewhat annoying that there will be so many songs the new member won’t have any solos in, but at least the group is still pretty new.
(I’m currently wondering if this will also be part of the 10 gen MM auditions, seeing how this is held two weeks before. Like, those that don’t make it or are felt to be better in MM might be asked to try out for MM instead… be a pretty smart move for the company!)

29 05 2011

I’m sooo shocked by this news… I feel that S/mileage is just fine as the 4-nin group that it is. It would be good for dance-wise, because with 5 members (or more) you can do more cool things with their songs, but song-wise, it’s not the greatest thing. I mean, for the singles after a new member is chosen it’ll be fine, but what about their other singles? The line distribution is equal. If another member is added they might still be equal but their lines with be shorter for older songs, since they have to fit another member in (or more than one, but I highly doubt that.)
I know I’ll get use to it, but I think it’s weird for S/mileage to be having auditions. I hope they don’t turn into the next Momusu. That’s what makes Momusu Momusu, so if S/mileage is the same Momusu’s way of rotating line-ups might not be so… special anymore, I guess.
Anyways, I’ll support the new member anyways and I’ll sure the idea will grow on me since it’s not going to change. I just hope this is the only audition and no members will graduate and all that.

29 05 2011

I just wanted to add that on the audition page under notes, it says that anyone auditioning for Morning Musume’s 10th gen is also eligible to audition for S/mileage. However they can only join one group if they make it that far.

I just find that interesting since we might be seeing the same faces once they reveal who the candidates are but since the image of S/mileage and Morning Musume are so different there’s a possibility we might not see the same faces too.

29 05 2011

Thanks, I added that to the post ^_^

We will most likely see many auditioners appear twice since most girls want to be in an idol group and some might not care what sound they are after XD
But it will be fun to see what type of girl joins the group ^_^

29 05 2011

first response O_O” this is gonna take a while to sink in…i’ve always regarded s/mileage as a 4-nin group and this is really shocking to me. well with 5 people the dances would look cooler (look at C-ute) but i love s/mileage as it is.

he better not add members to berryz c-ute or buono >:O

29 05 2011

I am so upset.
I honestly don’t think this is a good idea. 4-nin S/mileage is fine. It seems like they’re only adding one member, and we don’t need another 5-nin. I think it’s better with diversness between the amount of members for each group.

29 05 2011
Auditions For New S/mileage Members Announced | International Wota

[…] New S/mileage Member Auditions Announced – Hello! SayuNii S/mileage Generation 2 Auditions – Pure Idol Heart S/mileage announce 5th member auditions Tsunku announces new member auditions for S/mileage – Tokyograph S/mileage’s surprising 2nd generation auditions – Janakya Mottainai S/Mileage Auditions Announced – Selective Hearing […]

29 05 2011
29 05 2011

After thinking about it all day, if S/mileage HAS to get new members, I hope there are four of them, and I hope they are only slightly younger or the same age. That way, the perfect 4-nin line distribution won’t be skewed and our girls can each be a mentor to a new girl. But I hope they still get the same type of songs. The cute genre is really working for them, and I hope they continue it.

30 05 2011

Even if I’m not really into their songs (I just like some of them),I think the current line-up is okay,why new member?D:
And you’re right,Yuuka doesn’t look really excited about the news,she looks really shocked.

30 05 2011

I hope the runner-ups can be Eggs or something–for both auditions!!
I like this idea even though it might be a bit awkward after a year or so. (Well, more than a year if you count the indies time and the time they knew each other as Eggs…)
I just hope the current S/mileage members are happy with this decision. (Because as you said, Yuuka does NOT look to happy about it.)

30 05 2011


I DO NOT AGREE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




31 05 2011

noooooo!!!!!!!!!!! i love S/mileage that way they are now =3= the thing that made momosu special is that they have changing members, and they;re the only group in H!P who has that, and i think its for the best, i wouldn’t want to see new members in berryz and c-ute since they are great the way they are now~ and what if someone who is 17-18 got in s/mileage? wouldn’t that mean DAWA wont be leader anymore?~ i agree with everyone who is saying that i dont want it to be some random girl who would join s/mileage, we;ve seen s/mileage work so hard to get to where they are now~

*sigh* well~ lets just hope for the best =3=b

31 05 2011

just finished watching the video, Kanon obviously wants it to be a 4nin group, she even said if there would be a new member where will she go? in the middle? and made a joke out of it, when ayacho said that if there will be a new member, she wants her to be leader since she cant be a mentor, and kanon was like NOOOO! and yuuka DEFINITELY doesnt want a 5th member, even the audience were shouting “YADAAAAAAAAAAAA!” xDDDDD

poor s/mileage~

1 06 2011

I’ve never been a fan but they seem perfect as four but im exited i really hope the new member brings something new…and has a good voice…the others sound to much alike…. x.x i wish the best for them..

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