Sorano Aoi (CV Kitahara Sayaka) – “Yappa Seishun” Covers Released

28 05 2011

Left: Regular, Right: Limited

The covers for Kitahara Sayaka’s 1st single titled Yappa Seishun have been released.

As expected of her first single, the covers don’t feature that much of a creative theme since we only get to see Sayaka and the character she is voicing (Sorano Aoi) in front of a blue sky setting, but it’s nice to see that the background and her character relate (Sorano Aoi means Sora no Aoi or “Blue Sky” after all).

It seems that there are two images of Sayaka: on the Limited we get to see the outfit she usually wears for promotion, and on the right we get to see a slightly shorter blue dress with a different hairstyle, which is pretty interesting and a great addition since it differentiates the covers a bit more (apart from the shield, the position of the characters, and the outfits there isn’t much else), although Sayaka is a bit hard to see.

As for the title, it seems to take up most of the middle of the cover but it’s pink and really easy to read (if it’s readable when the preview is this small then it’s going to be very noticeable) and apart from the English letters for the names of her character and Kitahara there doesn’t seem to be that much art on it, apart from the small shield on the corner of the Limited and on the left side of the regular.

Overall the covers are not that creative but they are still pretty cute and great for her first release, and while I would have loved to see bigger pictures of Sayaka I am glad to see that fans of the show will be able to relate the character to her.

Hopefully everyone has reserved their copy since this single seems like a great first release for Sayaka.

The release date is set for 6/22.

Official UFA Page for Sayaka’s Single




3 responses

28 05 2011


28 05 2011

Looks like a standard anime single.

I’m hoping she does at least as good good as when Risako (Ibu-Sama!) and Ogawa Mana released their anime singles

28 05 2011

She looks awesome on Limited, but both very standard anime covers.

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