LQ Previews Of Berryz Koubou’s “Ai no Dangan” Released

27 05 2011

(Top Left: Limited A, Top Right: Limited B, Bottom Left: Limited C, Bottom Right: Regular)

LQ previews of Berryz Koubou’s 26th single titled “Ai no Dangan” has been released.

Compared to the last preview released these aren’t all that LQ but they surely aren’t that HQ either. Regardless of that we have a pretty good idea of what the covers are like.

The Limited A features the members posing by what looks like a red motorcycle. A magenta laser is shown on the right side and all the members except Miyabi have a white glow around them. I like this cover because it looks quite fierce with the bike in it. I am curious though as to what the laser is so I’m hoping the HQ preview is release sometime soon.

The Limited B features the members in their own frames with alternating black and white background patterns. This cover is very simple and from the preview everyone has a beautiful serious face pose except Yurina, she looks a slight bit more happier than everyone else.

The Limited C features a shot of the members separated into two groups, one group has Momoko, Yurina and Maasa and they’re posed on the top half of the single and the rest are posed on the bottom half. I’m very curious as to what the HQ version of this cover looks like since everyone on the bottom is lighter from what they actually are. From the LQ preview it looks as if Miyabi, Captain and Chinami are blondes when in the other previews their brown haired.

The regular edition features them in front of a blue wall which looks like it’s a blue print for something. It would’ve been nice if the members were a little bit bigger since there is a lot of blue space on the cover but they do look amazing because they stand out a lot in their red outfits.

Overall the covers are amazing and fit the song very well. Hopefully some larger covers are released sometime soon.

Please support Berryz Koubou and reserve a copy when it’s released on 6/8.

Star Digio Cover Preview




One response

27 05 2011

I ordered the Regular, glad I did but man does the Limited A look awesome.

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