Suzuki Airi- New Solo DVD Announced

26 05 2011

A new solo DVD for Suzuki Airi has been announced, it is currently untitled.

I’m quite surprised that it is another Airi release since she had the 2 photobook releases (1 released already and the other on it’s way) and now a solo dvd. While I do love Airi as a member I’m a little bit disappointed that it wasn’t another H!P member doing the release. Regardless of that the dvd description says it will feature Airi in swimsuits and uniforms. It doesn’t really hint to what the theme will be since uniforms can be any type of uniforms and UFA uses swimsuits everywhere so we can’t assume Airi will be at the beach or pool.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy when it’s released in 8/3. A blu-ray version has also been announced however the release date is currently unknown.

Neowing DVD Page




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26 05 2011

More Airi awesomeness♥

26 05 2011
26 05 2011

I think there is something wrong with the link.

@Chobi that one has a code of EPBE-5406 to be release on 7/13. This one has a code of EPBE-5409 to be release 8/3. Maybe these two DVDs has something to do with the two PBs.

26 05 2011

Thanks for pointing out the link. I fixed it and it should be working now.

26 05 2011

WOW!Yeah,I feel the same way…I love Airi with all my stupid heart but I want to see other H!P members too.
I’m still excited to see it ^^

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