Morning Musume – “Only You” PV Released

25 05 2011

The full PV for Morning Musume’s 46th single titled Only You has been released.

The PV’s setting for both the 2 dance shots and the special scene where the girls are sitting in chairs surrounded by accessories take place in a same white room with many diamond pillars and a patterned floor, and I really like how they played with the lightning sometimes with the lights off since it adds a special touch to the PV.

The most notable scenes are: the 2 dance shot versions, the first red one where the camera is stable and the second white one where there is different camera angles, the close-up shot where the girls sing against a wonderful blue diamond that swirls with sparkles, a special shot where they are all sitting looking sad in chairs in the red-lighted room during the instrumental then singing their lines in a different camera angle with pink diamonds effects and candles next to them.

I have to say that there are many things that I like in the PV and song, most notably how Gaki-san stood out with her unique lines and her look, Sayu’s “Ah” as well as the overall setting that suits the song perfectly, along with the very nice moves in the dance shot (even though they are a bit repetitive, they sometimes fit the beat perfectly too such as 4:20).

Overall, I really like how the managed to balance the angelic theme of the white scene with the red and kind of mysterious look of the red scene since it complements the rythm of the song perfectly, and even though it might seem too much like Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game in terms of Ai & Reina lead, each member got enough screentime.

Hopefully everyone can watch it and support Morning Musume by reserving a copy.

The release date is set for 6/15.

Video uploaded by: morningmusumechannel




31 responses

25 05 2011

That was amazing! I’m super impressed with this PV! I think it’s one of their best recent ones <3
I'm really happy with the amount of screen time Gaki got! I'd like to see a little more Mitsui and Fukumura, but still, I'm super glad! And they all actually did get a lot of screen time! Also, I am pleasantly surprised by how strong Riho's voice is! No wonder they picked her as a front girl! Haha goodness <3
Good job! I really love this one! <3 <3

25 05 2011

Yeah, line distribution isn’t that fair but it’s still a very good PV. Gaki OWNED her two solo parts, Aichan is at the top of her game and Sayumi is now offically the ‘Ah’ queen. I’m glad Riho is getting a chance to shine. (Yes, the others did well too)

Honestly I’m willing to forgive any line-distrution unfairness until Aichan graduates.

I really wasn’t expecting the red background. Typical H!P PV, but flawlessly executed. Glad I ordered this single.

25 05 2011

Haha, I like Sayumi being the ‘Ah’ queen! She’s so sexy, so it suits her :)

25 05 2011

Did anybody notice they stepped out of their
couplet – chorus – couplet- chorus – instrumental break – chorus
rhythm, and went for an extra chorus in the beginning? =D
I’m so proud xD

25 05 2011

xD The only other singles that break the format are Morning Coffee, Summer night town, Go girl, Chokkan 2, Aruiteru, Pepper keibu and Koko ni iruzee! It hasn’t happened in 3 years. honestly I was waiting for it too because thos are their best songs ^_^

25 05 2011

Love Gaki’s part, the dance, the outfits, the beat, the lyrics, Ai’s new hair style and the 9th Generation but they seriously need to change Reina’s style. It’s too repetitive and is starting to get boring to look at. Yes it suits her, don get me wrong but they need to change it, what about two pigtails or plays or something other than the same all the time

25 05 2011

Reina is a no in pigtails! lol. A change in Reina’s style would be nice but a pigtail is a total no..

The PV is regular H!P, with dance and close up but what I like about this one over the other Morning Musume ones is the change from the white dance to the colored shots and the crystal effects they have flying around. From the preview i was thinking the entire PV was going to be white but then they start off in the dark with a red back and all I could think about was “WTH? Is this the right video?” XD

Also I’m glad that the line distribution is somewhat better than before, now when they perform the “short version” everyone who has a solo line can actually sing it. Before when they would perform the short version on tv all you would hear is Ai/Reina because they cut out the 2nd verse and 2nd chorus, which is when everyone else had their solo.

I’m somewhat starting to like the song.. Can’t wait for the live concert version though.. ^_^

25 05 2011

I love practically everything about this release EXCEPT the song : /
IMHO I think it sounds like a B-side or album song
Everything else (Outfits, PV, Dance etc.) are really nice I think
Maybe after listening to the song a few more times it will start to grow on me : I

25 05 2011

You took the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking the exact same thing.

25 05 2011

Do you like the coupling song to Only You? (Yameta no Sinbad?)

25 05 2011

really proffesional and really pretty to look at.
Very happy with how the pv turned out.
I have to admit, i was worried for a moment, but this PV is absolutly FLAWLESS.
all the girls look gorgeous in it.
And i really couldn’t care less about the line distribition anymore, tsunku obviously knows what he’s doing
Riho and Gaki really stood out for me in the PV. Riho was incrediable, she had soo much charisma and really stood out from all the other members. She looks like she has been in morning musume for years. Gaki was soo strong and great sounding. I’m very happy with how she turned out.

Best pv since….nanchatte renai? I loved onna to otoko no lullaby game though

25 05 2011

Wish that we’ll see more of the other member in 9th generation, not just Riho >.__> at least everyone should had a solo line, not just Reina and Ai who got a bunch of solo lines D: >-<

25 05 2011

Everyone is saying that Riho has a great voice, but you can tell it’s been severely edited, considering in concert she sounds much weaker vocally. You can tell the pitch has been altered, her voice is not that mature and they’ve at least gone over it with an FFT Filter… She has the worst voice in momusu IMO. Give her a dance solo, but several lines when the others just get shared lines? No.

Damn you UFA, damn you to hell.

25 05 2011

Yes! I 100% agree! I think Mizuki is the strongest vocally out of all the 9th gen. Riho is very weak vocally. She obviously has a hard time with higher notes. She is a great dancer, but not that great of a singer. I would’ve loved to see the other 9th gen get solos like in Maji Desu Ka Ska. But no. I love this song, but i hate the line distribution.

25 05 2011

I agree too! Riho may be a great dancer but vocally Fuku-chan is stronger! plus did you notice how well Fuku-chan is dancing in the PV? One of the best dancer definitely.

I’m ok with Riho lead, but at least give the other girls a line or two.

Still, despite the line distribution problem, the song and PV is awesome. The last Momusu PV that I actually like was Kimagure Princess. Nanchatte Renai and SYO was awesome too.

25 05 2011

Yeah but I’m thinki that with her experience at ASH (basically and entertainment school) she’s probably the only one (besides maybe Fukumura) who can actually sing well and not go out of breath while dancing. The other 9th gen seem to need a bit more practice in that area.

25 05 2011
Roddy Reta

Tired of all the Riho-hatred out there.

She’s twelve, she’s been performing for about four months, her singing will improve dramatically with age. Deal with it.

25 05 2011

i strongly agree with what you say. she obviously has potential. if she wasn’t good, tsunku wouldn’t put her in the front. i think she’s going to replace ai-chan’s part when she leaves. i simply adore Riho-chan. she’s so talenbted at such a young age.

She kind of looks like Momo in a certain angle. Give her a year. You’ll love her soon enough.

25 05 2011

Nope, she can’t even hit the high notes for goodness sake. I love Riho but her singing is still mediocre. How on earth is she gonna carry all of Ai-chan’s lines.

25 05 2011

I think we should just give it some time, right now she’s being pushed as the front girl and there’s not much we can do about it. Who knows what will happen, she might be pushed into the back when the “Riho-hype” dies down or someone from 10th gen will be that amazing.
Just look at 5th gen. Ogawa Makoto was the “Riho”, Mako was excellent in singing and dancing but look how things turned out, Ai-chan took lead. Also look at Ai-chan back then, she wasn’t the greatest singer of the bunch but she slowly improved into what we have today.
I’m not that fond of Riho being center especially when Sayu, Gaki and Aika have been around longer and they didn’t receive an opportunity to try lead, but I think we should still give her a chance

26 05 2011

Do you think Tsunku really cares if she has potential or not?C’mon guys,everyone knows that Tsunku only cares about popularity!>_>
It sounds unfair,but that’s the truth!

25 05 2011

Its everyones fault to be honest. Remember the auditions? Everyone was RAVING about her. Tsunku noticed and put her up front, but then once everyone noticed she got screen time they got mad. We all should know the most popular get all the lines and get to be center. Now that Riho has it everyone is treating her like the new Ai and Reina for it. You all loved her a few months ago don’t pretend like you didnt.

25 05 2011

I didn’t! my fav 9th gen was suzuki from the start

26 05 2011

Yeah right, I liked zukki from the start!! I knew riho would get hate because of her popularity

27 05 2011

not really~….im stated to like zukki~ since the audition

25 05 2011

I have a feeling that Suzuki is going to be starting off like how Kusumi started. She was bad a dancing as well and couldn’t sing, yet she improved and became a front girl as well. I deff see that happening with the ninth gen members who don’t get to shine. I mean elder members will all soon be graduating eventually. So they have to shine at some point. Reina and Riho won’t be able to hold the whole front after Risa graduates. So I say we stop the Riho hate and just wait for the next single. I mean we all remember C-ute’s “SHOCK” after that song line distributions issues now all their members get a good amount of solo lines. So hold out Musume fans, I am.=]

25 05 2011

I love it ♥ But i don’t love Riho’s face.. : D

26 05 2011

Yeah too much Riho .I’m already used to Ai-Reina leads,and I understand that Ai is going to have more lines since she is going to graduate,but I thought that every 9th gen is going to get solo lines(yes,I’m still pissed of about the distribution!).But regardless the distribution THIS PV is great,and everyone get’s screen time!:)
Sorry for the complainings about Riho but this single is amazing and it would be better with a fairer line distribution!D:

26 05 2011

Its interesting to see how many anti-Riho fans are out there now because of this one single and she has only been in… 2. Honestly I think that her voice fits with the song better and I might be totally wrong. :) Also, popularity sells so I can understand Tsunku’s choice since MM is trying to become on top again while “fighting” AKB, Korean groups, etc. I think that we should wait and see before we condem the poor girl.

26 05 2011

Great PV! I love how Risa’s looking like her old, fiery, sekkushi self (not tired like in MDKSka…-_-)! She owned her two solos! :DD

Agreed: Yankee!Reina and Side-Ponytail!Reina need to effin’ GO. I want to see CURLY, jet black-haired Reina (natural) or maybe even SHORT Reina?!

Anything but Wavy/Straight/Glittery/Multi-colored/BORING Reina.

Her voice is lovely when paired with Ai-chan’s though. I don’t know how they’re gonna fix that when my darling graduates this year…T_T

As for the Cookies…Riho did really well up front in the dances, and I liked her lines, too. :D I would love to hear more of the others, though.

27 05 2011

reina have been one of my favourite~…but slowly some members have surpass her….im not sure what the reason….and finally i found it after read some of the comments….maybe im getting bored of her
her singing, style, character always the same as before…and make it less interesting~ sorry to those die hard fan of reina…but momusu always my favourite

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