Buono! 1st Mini-Album Announced

25 05 2011

Buono’s 1st mini-album, currently untitled, has been announced.

So far only one version has been confirmed and no other details are available apart from the release date, but I’m very surprised about the announcement since I only expected to see another Buono release this year, although I am very happy since that means we will see more Buono songs as well.

Their 12th single Natsu Dakara! will be released on 7/20, about a month before, so there should be quite a lot of Buono releases during August and September and hopefully more promotion so that both of them sell well (there hasn’t been that much promotion but we can only wait and see).

Since it is a mini-album I am curious as to how many tracks it will contain, we will most likely see about 5 or 6 since that is the regular amount of tracks that they usually have, but we will have to wait and see if they will contain instrumentals which might lower the amount of original tracks.

Despite that I am looking forward to finding out more about this release since a mini-album was completely unexpected and since this is their first I am excited to find out how many original tracks we will see and what kind of theme they will use for it (their recent more ballad driven sound or their earlier more rock and upbeat sound).

Hopefully fans reserve their copy of the mini-album after we get some more details since we might get a limited edition apart from the Regular as well.

It will be released on 8/10.

Shinseido Page For Buono’s Mini Album




6 responses

25 05 2011

OMG OMG SO EXCITED!! Their last single was a little meh for me, so in my mind they have no where to go up but with this upcoming single and mini album. Bring on the Buono! =D

25 05 2011

Hopefully there are new songs added. This would be a nice belated birthday gift for myself.

25 05 2011

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Zassou no Uta wasn’t the greatest comeback for Buono! so I’m REALLY excited to see what their 12th single and their mini album will be like! I’m especially interested in what outfits they’ll be wearing and the theme of their mini album ^___^

25 05 2011

So I’m guessing it will be the new single plus a handful of new tracks? Can’t wait. I was pleasantly surprised by Zassou no Uta/Juicy Heart/Runaway Train so I’m curious how this mini-album will sound.

26 05 2011

OMG I am so happy that Buono! is active with their releases!XD 8/10…5 days before my birthday :)…I really can’t wait to see how Natsu DAKARA and this mini album will sound!Like I said,I want the old Buono! back,with their rock and upbeat sounds,colorful outfits and badass dance :3

28 05 2011

good luck buono!

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