Morning Musume – “Only You” PV Preview Released

24 05 2011

A short PV preview for Morning Musume’s 46th single titled Only You has been released.

The preview isn’t that long since we only get to see two different types of scenes: a dance shot and two close-up shots (Ai-chan and Reina), but for the most part I was amazed at how well the PV looks so far since the setting and close-up both look great.

The dance shot features the group dancing in a triangle formation with white curtains on the windows, white pillars and a white cloth on the ceiling along with an interesting white with dark striped floor, and even though the scene is pretty short I loved how the setting and the outfits matched since they fit perfectly and give the PV an angelic look.

The close-up shots feature each member standing in front of a diamond patterned background, and even though it is hard to tell if it’s just glitter or a “diamond” background I really liked it since Reina and Ai looked amazing while singing their lines in that setting.

So far the PV has a white theme that looks amazing since it matches their outfits and gives the PV an angelic look, and along with the diamond patterned close-up shot I was impressed with the PV since it made the shots look more elegant.

Hopefully we get to see the PV soon since I am excited to find out how the overall PV will look, but meanwhile I hope that everyone can check the PV out before the preview is taken down.

The release date is set for 6/15.

Video uploaded by: Junejy




5 responses

24 05 2011

Looks like a standard H!P PV although the setting, dance and outfit look great.

Hoping they add little cool things like they did for Ai No Dangan.

24 05 2011

Looks like a regular close up and dance PV sort but I like the white angelic/goddess like theme going on.

24 05 2011

the whole theme of the song really reminds me of resonant blue days
i mean, it’s just the opposite color theme :P instead of black, it’s white.
riho is the kusumi koharu of resonant blue
even though, this pv looks absolutly stunning and very well done!
Can’t wait for it to be released~

24 05 2011

It looks plain but cool,I love diamond backround :)

25 05 2011

we can watch the full version of this pv on momusu youtube channel….

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