Mano Erina – “My Days For You” Full Song Preview And Riverside PV Version Released

24 05 2011

The version called Riverside of Mano Erina’s 10th single titled My Days For You has been release on her YouTube channel.

The version of the PV released is only one of the 2 (?) that the PV is made of and is called Riverside Ver. since we get to see Mano next to a river at sunset and in different locations in a black outfit, and this gives us a chance to listen to the full song which is quite impressive.

First of all, the song: it starts off with a very strong line that gives it a true mature and honest feeling, followed by a calm yet strong instrumental where Mano starts off singing the first verse which is very interesting since it has many different music beats and a unique rythm that doesn’t seem to get old or boring in any way, as well as many back-sounds that repeat her words in a peaceful voice.

The chorus is also very interesting since it combines perfectly with the verses in terms of instrumental and beat, but the slight difference is that it is a little bit more upbeat which is a wonderful touch to this nice song, and we get to hear a very nice sound that we don’t usually hear from Mano, but that she seems to be able to pull off wonderfully.

Also to note the unusual section at 2:56 where she sings in a totally different rythm that doesn’t follow the chorus nor the verses which is quite intreeguing at first, but it really adds a special feel to the song to take away any boredom from it and makes it special since it doesn’t follow the usual pattern, and it is followed by an even more upbeat instrumental where she finally sings again the chorus in a quiet instrumental where we get to hear her voice more clearly.

As for the video, since it’s only one version of the PV, we only get to see one scene where Mano is walking in a large and long black and white dress with a black jacket and a camera held on her neck, walking down a river path sometimes looking at the camera, sometimes at the scenery, and I really like how it doesn’t seem to be the usual close-up shot  since we get to see many angles that complement the lyrics, for example the camera getting closer from the bottom when she starts to sing the chorus at 1:08, or the twirling of the camera at the second chorus at 2:26.

Overall, I honestly have to say that this is one of my favorite Mano releases since her debut since it shows off her personality perfectly and we get to see Mano in the theme and sound she belongs to, and we finally get to see her react freely in front of the camera, as well as her vocals that only keep improving.

The release date is set for 6/29.

Video uploaded by: ManoErinaCHANNEL




4 responses

24 05 2011

I agree! This is definately one of the better Mano Erina songs. Its very true to who she is without being too bland and boring. However I still think Mano needs to improve as an artist. I wish she wrote her own music or something because it seems like Tsunku doesn’t care for Mano anymore.

27 05 2011

I agree with you.. :D I like with your statement, that Tsunku doesn’t care for Mano anymore.. :D

4 06 2011

hontooo hontooo hontoooni kawaii mano !
sogoi song !

19 06 2011

Absolutley adorable! I can’t wait for it to come out! But I do wonder why it takes SO FREAKIN LONG for her singles to come out, I love mano eri no matter what the songs sound like because SHE MAKES THEM SOUND GOOD. You know how amazing she would be if they actually gave her some good songs? Like Onegai Dakara…, that song was amazing!

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