Buono’s 12th Single Titled “Natsu DAKARA!”

24 05 2011

Buono’s 12th single is titled “Natsu DAKARA!

The translation for the song means “because it’s summer.” The single is set to release in July and it is summer for many places during that time so the title makes sense. It also hints that the song will have a summer theme to it, since there are so many things to do in summer like going to the beach, no school etc. I’m very excited for the PV and single.

Even though the single won’t be released until 7/20 please support Buono and preorder a copy.

Sony Music Page Limited A

Sony Music Page Limited B

Sony Music Page Regular




7 responses

24 05 2011

I’m very excited I was really hoping for a summer theme :D
can’t wait to see the PV :x

24 05 2011

WOW!!! I’m very excited for this! :’) Go Buono!

24 05 2011

Because the title contain ‘summer’ (夏) word. Can i assume that in this single Miya regained her position as the center just like in the beginning of Buono! ?

24 05 2011

That’s clever! I never thought of that when I first saw the title. I hope that is the case because I LOVE a Miya center in Buono!

24 05 2011

Does anyone else think we’ll get a PV like “Take it Easy!” ?

24 05 2011

Ah, I think that would be nice ^^ although Take It Easy was a bit more of a midtempo song, and I sort of get the feeling (from the caps and the exclamation mark) that this might be a slightly more energetic song. Although I love the idea of a outdoor PV <3

26 05 2011

I would love a PV like “Take it Easy!” !It was so fun and relaxing,and very colorful clothes. :)

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