“Buono! Live 2011 Winter Re;Buono!” DVD Cover Released

24 05 2011

The DVD cover for Buono’s Live 2011 Winter Re;Buono! has been released.

The cover features a collage of photos featuring each member singing along with the title of the concert at the bottom, and while there were a few things that stood out, for the most part I loved how the cover looks since it is a simple but impressive theme.

The individual shots of each member singing look great since it shows off how each member looks while singing to the crowd, but it seems that the images were grabbed from different scenes since the lighting effects seem to be different for each member (most noticeably Airi).

The logo at the bottom is great as well since it matches perfectly with the group above, and while it seems to be a bit too big I am happy to see that they didn’t try and place it in the middle since it looks perfect on the bottom.

Overall the cover is pretty impressive since each member looks great and they are all easy to see, and apart from the different lighting effects I love how the cover looks and I am looking forward to the release.

Hopefully we get to see a few previews sometime in the next few weeks since this DVD will most likely be a great addition to any Buono fan’s collection.

The release date is set for 6/22.

Official H!P Page For Buono’s Concert DVD




One response

24 05 2011

Cover looks awesome, the font makes it look like it’s like some hardcore punk rock music or something.

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