Berryz Koubou – “Ai no Dangan” PV Released

23 05 2011

The PV for Berryz Koubou’s 26th single titled Ai no Dangan has been released.

The PV features many scenes that seem to mix a lot together so it’s pretty hard to find a set number, but we get to see quite a lot of them where Berryz  is dancing in front of a projector screen with a background as well as each member posing next to a motorcycle, and while there were a few things that I didn’t like that much I was pretty impressed with the PV and I loved how it turned out.

The dance shot is mixed with many other scenes, such as the start of the PV where the camera records the dance shot on another screen, and while I was a bit confused at first I was impressed when the members came out from behind the screen and continued the dance in front since it really showed off an interesting theme.

The close-up shots don’t appear that much, but they appear both by themselves and on the screen while the members are dancing, which is a great addition since it makes the members stand out more while singing and dancing.

Apart from those two shots I really loved the addition of each member posing around the motorcycle and riding it during the bridge of the song since it gave the PV quite a lot of variety and a nice touch that mixes well with their outfits.

Like I mentioned before the scenes mix quite a lot so it’s difficult to find a name for each scene, but I really loved how the members interacted with the screens, like when each member sang in front of the projected dance shot or when they came out from the colored screens after posing since it is a pretty unique theme that I haven’t seen from other H!P PVs in a while.

There were however a few things that I didn’t like, and for the most part they didn’t stand out that much, although I would have liked to see a different background or setting since the black stage with a projector is a good idea, but it seems a bit overused.

Other than that I loved each one of the scenes since they gave us quite a lot of variety and angles which quickly grab the viewers addition, and despite using only one setting I really liked the effects that they used on the screens and during the other scenes.

Hopefully everyone checks out the PV since it is a great release from Berryz .

The release date is set for 6/8.

Video uploaded by: berryzchannel




7 responses

23 05 2011

Guns, bikes, red latex outfits. What more could you want? I dare anyone to complain about this PV. It’s great!

24 05 2011

“This video is not available…” but there’s Proxy =)

The old sololine scheme is back (Miyabi, Momoko, Yurina and Risako getting more than the others), which annoys me a bit. Also, there are some dance moves where the members look bored or move only slightly or in a bored way. I noticed that especially with Chinami.

But all in all, the video is pretty good, especially with these backgrounds, these sexy clothing and the motorbikes :).

24 05 2011

A little less equal lines, but it seems like everyone got plenty of chorus lines and screentime to make up for it.

… Kumai’s pulling my attention to her, IMO.

24 05 2011

I find this really boring.

I watch 2 minutes and I’m thinking “When will this end??”
The outfits don’t particularly suit them, the song and instrumental are typical Hello!Pro, and they just look really bored/tired in the dance…

24 05 2011

not bad for a H!P pv nowadays, the bike bit was rubbish and cheesy imo.
Also you can see Miyabi’s extensions…like where they’re actually attached to her head and where her actual hair ends. Did nobody tell the lovely people down in H!P that if you want extensions to look realistic you just don’t put it in a straight ponytail!

24 05 2011

The song is nothing special IMO,just a normal BK realease IMO.But this PV really capt my attention,the girls look so sexy here!O.O Maasa!So beautyful!O.O

24 05 2011

I <3 Captain & Momoko's high notes towards the end.
I would have expected Risako to try to pull off that
note but we all heard her try in Rival. Anyhoo, a very
sexy Berryz PV. MAASA!!

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