Rika Ishikawa Diagnosed With Jaw Inflammation And Cyst

21 05 2011

Rika Ishikawa has been diagnosed with jaw inflammation and cyst.

She was feeling ill and was examined by a doctor, which reported that there was pain on the upper right side of her jaw. She missed the 5/21 Dream Morning Musume concert because of this.

Jaw inflammation seems to be pain in the jaw and after doing a little research jaw inflammation could actually be a symptom to an even bigger problem. I hope Rika isn’t in too much pain by this and hopefully for Rika this will be a  short term problem that will heal soon.

Get well soon Rika!



10 responses

21 05 2011

Aww get better soon Rika<3

21 05 2011

I pray she is not serious illness and will get well soon.

21 05 2011

please pray for her, poor Rika <3
I love her<3

21 05 2011

Get well soon Rika!!

21 05 2011

Pray for poor Rika. Get better soon please! >.<

22 05 2011

Charmy, wishing you the best of health and fast recovery :D

22 05 2011

get well soon rika :)

22 05 2011
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22 05 2011

I pray for you to get well soon, Rika. <3

28 05 2011

Rika-chan posted on her blog on 5/26″I get well. Thank you very much for your warm messages and I ‘m sorry that I have caused so many worries.”

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