Morning Musume- Preview Of “Yamete yo Sinbad” Released

21 05 2011

A preview of Morning Musume’s 46th c/w song has been released titled “Yamete yo Sinbad”.

The song reminds me of Berryz Koubou’s Madayade in terms of the instrumental. It has the same guitar sound in the background and the beat almost sounds the same. There are a few parts where I think a xylophone is being used and that added to the song makes it sound like a thriller-chase song and even though that’s strange to say it works for the song.

Even though it’s a short version of the actual song it sounds as if everyone got a line here. I’m not too familiar with the 9th gen’s voices so I can’t pick them out right away, but I do think they sing a few short lines. Also I think from this version the line distribution is somewhat even. I’m sure Reina and Ai got a few more lines than everyone else but I can hear Gaki and Sayu a bit more.

Hopefully the b-side will encourage more fans to reserve a copy of the single, since it’s a catchy song and sounds pretty good.

The release date is set for 6/15.




9 responses

21 05 2011

This needs a pv.


21 05 2011
Roddy Reta

Well, 3-2-1 Breakin’ Out got a PV, so why not this one? :-)

21 05 2011

I think that’s because 3,2,1 was used as the promo song for the Anime Expo in LA, but a PV for this wouldn’t be that bad. A double sided A sounds good too! :)

21 05 2011

I swear there was another B-side PV.
What was that b-side to Chokkan 2 again?

21 05 2011

The b-side for that is “Koi wa Hassou Do the Hustle!” Though that one had a PV because it was suppose to be the a-side but they changed it to the b-side instead.

21 05 2011

tsunku should be realesed double A side….maybe can help sales even a bit…if this got pv i can imagine something that fun Mv to watch

21 05 2011

So far, everyone has two solos each :D
I really think it’d had been better to make this the A-side rather than “ONLY YOU”, but at least both sound well done. This one makes me excited, unlike “ONLY YOU”, and I’d be much more anticipating of the PV were it this song instead XD

21 05 2011

I really like it. I can hear Kyuukies! They seem to have reversed the concept from the last single by putting the mature song as A side and the genki song as coupling.

21 05 2011

Yeah I wish we can have a PV for the B-side…kinda like Hokkori Hyotanjima setting but with edgier moves and funnier scenes.

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