Yaguchi Mari Is Getting Married

20 05 2011

According to Sports Nippon, Yaguchi Mari and her boyfriend Nakamura Masaya will be registering for marriage tomorrow.

There were some rumors back in December that Yaguchi was going to get married to her boyfriend Nakamura (that she quickly dismissed saying that the plans weren’t finalized) but they made it official today, which is great news since we finally get a confirmation and we can celebrate another marriage.

It has been a while since a UFA member got married (the last time I think it was Saito) so I was really surprised to hear about the news but I am really happy and I wish the best for the couple.

Congratulations to Yaguchi and Nakamura on their marriage and I hope we get to hear their future plans soon.

They will register for marriage tomorrow, May 22.

Congratulations Yaguchi and Nakamura!

Sponichi Article About Yaguchi’s Marriage

EDIT: Here is a quick summary of the content of the article thanks to Tokyograph:

According to Sports Nippon, they had originally planned to register their marriage in mid-March, but due to the Tohoku earthquake, they decided to postpone it until May. Nakamura has been active with his agency’s “WAE Charity Project” and with volunteering, while Yaguchi has been participating in charity events and fundraisers as well.

The newspaper says that the two of them have already privately notified their agencies of their coming marriage. However, neither agency has publicly confirmed this news. If true, more details should be learned in the coming week.

So even though it hasn’t been publicly confirmed it seems that they will get married, but I will update this post once a confirmation by Yaguchi, Nakamura, or their agencies has been released.

For now Yaguchi has at least already confirmed that they will get married (she hasn’t denied the marriage when the rumor started in December so there are definitely plans for it), but the official date has yet to be confirmed, although we will find out for sure in the coming days.

Tokyograph Article

Oricon Article

EDIT: Confirmed, Yaguchi is already married, she showed off her ring and announced the news to the press yesterday, here is some footage from the event as well as a picture of the happy couple:

Video uploaded by: JIJPRESS

50 cm height difference




17 responses

20 05 2011

The Last was PeiPei in Janary 2011 ♥
(Sure a former Member…)

20 05 2011

You’re right, I forgot about her ^_^;;

A lot of fans are still talking about whether she did really get married or whether it’s just a facebook thing but she is among the few members that have gotten married in the past few years ^_^

21 05 2011

I think it´s real.
Because they where engaged a while ago and they are a couple and and and XDD
(I think I hope it´s real lol)

20 05 2011

My heart when I saw this! :O
Congrats Mari…? XD

20 05 2011

Been seeing the news for a while, now, so seeing this here makes me reassured that it’s real.
Congrats, Yagucchi!

20 05 2011

I had some doubts about posting it since it wasn’t revealed by Yaguchi, but all signs point to her getting married soon ^_^

But I updated the post with more info just in case the news isn’t confirmed by Yaguchi or UFA.

21 05 2011

I saw this on the facebook hello project page and I was unsure if it as real or not. But when I came on H!SN I saw you did a post about it so it must be. ^_^

congrats for Yaguchi! It’s nice to see her settle down with someone.

21 05 2011

Well, if true, congrats to Mari. Hope they’ll have a happy life together.

21 05 2011

Oh. My. GOSH!
Kyaaa! I’m so happy to hear this, Marippe will get married nyaa <33
I feel so happy for her <333

21 05 2011

Mari has written something in her blog about it:


Congratulations!! ^_^

21 05 2011

glad for marippe~…just wondering when gonna nakazawa, abe and yasuda gonna get married

21 05 2011

congratulations Mari and Nakamura, Mari is so beautiful !!!!!
I love her<3

21 05 2011

Aaaw, they make a cute couple! <3

21 05 2011

Omg Mari is getting MARRIED!!!! Congrats to both of them and their future!!

21 05 2011


21 05 2011

I’m so happy for here ^^

5 06 2011

wonderful news!!! aww shes so short lol

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