Shuukan Yoro! Vol 92

20 05 2011

Site News: Stage one of updates for the site is complete!

Before going into detail about what was updated I wanted to mention the header is getting its final touches so it will be up by tomorrow morning, there were a few details that were improved so that the banner would look its best but for the most part it’s done and it will be up tomorrow.

That being said the profile section has been updated and I moved the profiles to their current location, here is a small list of some of the corrections:

  • Ice Creamusume members have been moved to the “Ex-Hello! Project” section
  • Kamei has been moved to the Ex-Hello! Project section (I placed them in the M-line section by mistake)
  • Jun Jun and Lin Lin have been moved to the Other graduated members section
  • SI*NA members have been moved to the Ex- Hello! Project section
  • I added a UFZS section to the Graduated page
  • Kikkawa Yuu and Kitahara Sayaka have been moved to the “Other Graduated members” section (yes, they aren’t part of UFA anymore but they are there temporarily, I plan to add an “Active” section to the ex-H!P section tonight)
  • Aoki Erina, Tanaka Anri, Sainen Mia, Komine Momoka, Okai Asuna, Maeda Irori, Hirano Tomomi, and Kizawa Runa have been moved to the Ex-H!P section.
  • All Melon Kinenbi members are now Ex-H!P (Megumi was still listed as active)
  • The Ice Creamusume and SI*NA group pages have been moved to the Group page

There are also a few updates I plan to finish by tonight but for the most part they are quick and I will probably have them done in a few hours (even less since I only have to add a few sentences for each):

  • Update a few profiles (so far only Ai-chan, H!P Egg, UFZS and their members, Kikka, Sayaka, Shibata and Megumi)
  • Add a UFZS group page
  • Correct the dates of the graduated members history in the group
  • Add an “Active” section in the Ex-H!P member section

Despite those few corrections I have to do the Profile section will be updated completely by tonight!

I wanted to update the profile pictures of each member but due to many problems I had while trying to repair the image software I usually use I didn’t get a chance to do them, although I finally fixed the problem (I uninstalled it and I got Photoshop instead) so I will try and get them done by the end of this weekend (I have to set up the template and find pictures for each member).

My next planned update will start with the Upcoming Releases section and I will start on it this Monday (that should take a day or so) after that I will finish by updating the Discography section (adding a few singles I haven’t added yet, updating lyrics, adding sales info, etc) so everything should be done as soon as possible (I’m aiming for as soon as next weekend).

Sorry for updating until now but I had a lot going on in the past weeks (my brother is graduating from high school, I had to prepare for exams a few weeks ago, among many others) but most of that is taken care of and I will finish up the profile updates by tonight for sure (it will only take a few hours) and I will start doing the updated images for some of the profiles (mainly 9th generation, UFZS, Kikka, Sayaka, etc) which will be done by the end of this weekend.

Please look forward to the updates in the next few days!

Polls: The winner for this poll was Hagiwara Mai with 349 votes (38%), congratulations Mai! Tokunaga Chinami came in second with 323 votes (35%), and Ogawa Saki came in third with 243 votes (27%).

There was a total of 915 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Mai!

Mai has finally won her first Member of the week! I was glad to see that Mai finally got a chance to win since she is among the few members that hasn’t had a chance to win (there are now about 5 members left that haven’t won yet), but that all changed today and she finally got a close 1st place.

Unfortunately Chii was very close to winning for the first time, but in the end Mai got about 26 votes more and won, although I am glad to see that Chii got 2nd place since she usually places in 3rd. Saki got 3rd place, although for the most part she got about 30% of the votes, which is still pretty good.

The results were a bit more evenly spread out than usual which is great since that means that each member got almost equal support from their fans, but like always there can always be one winner (or two if there’s a tie) and that was Mai.

Good luck to Chii and Saki in their future poll appearances, I hope to see Chii win her first poll sometime soon, although for now congratulations to Mai!

Next poll will feature Natsuyaki Miyabi, Yajima Maimi, and Okai Chisato and it should be interesting to see the results since Chisa has recieved pretty good results in her appearances (she has placed 2nd against Gaki, the overall winner for 2010, quite a few times and she has won a fair share of polls) as well as Miyabi who has won the majority of the polls she has been in.

I am excited to see who will win in the end since Maimi might be at a disadvantage, although she still has a chance to win since there is no clear winner in this weeks poll, but I hope everyone votes so we can find out who wins in a week!

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 3rd day of Sudou Maasa’s week about “Ping Pong”.

Today is the next part of the tournament with Captain and Miyabi battling it out first after Momo, Kumai, Risako, and Chii got a chance to play last week. Their match is pretty interesting since we get to see Miya hitting too hard and Captain hitting the ball pretty cutely, although in the end one of them wins with a pretty big lead.

After that we continue with the first match of the semifinals to determine who will go against the other finalist and we get a chance to see Kumai and Chii show of their skills, although in the end one of them does a pretty good job of serving and ends up winning the match with a big lead.

Hopefully everyone can check out the episode since it is pretty interesting to see how Captain and Miya, as well as Chii and Kumai’s matches turn out, and even though the action is pretty slow it was interesting to see Captain’s cute poses.

Next week we get to see Captain go against Maasa and the winner will go against the other finalist, so I hope everyone can check it out next week, but for now please enjoy this episode:




9 responses

21 05 2011

finally! Mai won the member of the week.. I’m so glad! :)

21 05 2011

wait, wait, waiiiiit! Kikkawa Yuu IS part of Hello! Project… Isn’t she? She’s a newly added soloist…

21 05 2011

According to what I have found she graduated from H!P Eggs and is now part of Universal Japan, and since she doesn’t have a profile at the H!P site it seems like she isn’t part of H!P anymore, although I have no clear idea since she regularly appears at H!P concerts ^_^;;;

Hopefully we get that cleared up soon, but for now she will be in the Graduated page although I will correct it if we get a confirmation sometime ^_^

21 05 2011

Just wanted you to know that reading your blog daily is just as important as me reading my e-mails and checking my facebook! Yay Mai! I voted for her :)

21 05 2011

Thank you very much! ^o^
I’m glad to hear that you visit this site regularly since ladylibra92, Ayuchii and me try our best to make this site one of the best sites for H!P fans around the world ^_^

Congratulations again to Mai, and thank you once again! ^o^

21 05 2011

Congratulations Mai!:)

21 05 2011

I have been voting for her so many times, I am so glad for her, I love her<3

21 05 2011

So I’m kind of confused with JunLin and Eri’s placement on the graduated section. How come JunLin is under graduated members and Eri is under Morning Musume Ex-H!P? I though JunLin also graduated H!P.

Also I’m looking at the polls and Chisato is like 4 votes away from being tied with Miyabi, which is really surprising.

22 05 2011

But kikka is listed on the UFA site as an artist and Kitahara on the Up Front Works site as an artist..

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