Morning Musume – “Only You” HQ Covers Released

20 05 2011


HQ covers for Morning Musume’s 46th single titled Only You have been released.

I like that the song and cover is a bit of a contrast of each other. The song has a dark sort of feel to it while the cover is very bright. However everyone’s expression, a serious pose, brings the song and cover all together.

Limited A features all the members in their own little frame from the shoulders up doing their own pose. Everyone looks amazing in this pose and for me Erina and Kanon really stand out for me since it’s a different feeling from what they usually have. Kanon in particular has such a upbeat personality and it’s really different seeing her do a serious pose. Even though this is one of my favorite covers I want to mention that in Reina’s and Riho’s frame it’s hard to separate the two frames. First all the members except Riho are shown posing with one hand or none in Sayu’s frame. Riho is shown with two and in that area it’s just sort of hard to separate the two. Also in Reina’s pose part of her shoulder seems to fade in with the background and it looks as if it’s someone else’s arm in the shot. Regardless of that everyone is amazing.

In Limited B the first thing that stands out to me is Gaki’s hair. It’s a new style that we’ve seen her in and I absolutely love the bump and all. In this cover Riho, Reina and Ai are in the front, while the rest of the members are in the back and it looks as if they tried to split the group in half in the back. So 3 members, Erina, Mizuki and Sayu on one side and on the other is Risa, Aika and Kanon. For me this cover is a little unbalanced because of Reina and Ai’s hair color. Ai and Reina are positioned together and both their hair color stands out quite dramatically but Ai’s new hair style is fierce and looks fabulous.

Limited C  for me is hard to see since they all blend in with each other or the background. For example Reina laying down across the cover and then Riho in the front of her. Towards the end on the right bottom corner Reina’s shoes seem to be coming out of Riho’s body. Then Gaki, Mizuki and Kanon are a little to close and their outfits collide into each other. The only member who stands out here is Erina. Her outfit doesn’t fade into anyone else’s or the background.

The Regular edition features a full body group picture of Morning Musume. I like this cover because it shows everyone’s full outfits. If you compare the member outfits, 9th gen received different outfits. Their outfits are short sleeved and are two piece, exposing their stomachs. They are also in shorts and have a large belt buckle on them. While the other members are in long sleeved outfits with a corset type outfit on. They are also in skirts and have a larger necklace than 9th gen. Even with this small difference in outfits they still look uniform and beautiful.

Overall the covers are elegant, beautiful and bright. It somewhat hints that the PV might be using the same color scheme and hopefully that will be released soon too.

Please support Morning Musume and purchase a copy when it’s released on 6/15.

Amazon Product Page Regular

Amazon Product Page A

Amazon Product Page B

Amazon Product Page C



11 responses

20 05 2011

i wonder what the alternative outfits (if there will be any) for the PV will be?

20 05 2011

Me too, I do hope there is one because the PV might be bland if there’s only one outfit used..

20 05 2011

There’s Riho, moving to the front already.

20 05 2011

I know, I’m kind of annoyed that their not giving the other members of the 9th generation the attention they deserve! Personally, I don’t see why people love Riho. Mizuki is my favorite and I think she’s a great singer and dancer. Mizuki has was more experience than any of the 9th gen. If any of the members of the 9th gen are going to be pushed forward, it should be either Mizuki or Kanon.

20 05 2011

A lot of Yasshii’s fans were won over during the auditions: talented in dancing and decent in singing (though it was eventually proved that she has a pretty small vocal range). Fukuchan has pretty much the same amount as experiences as her, give-and-take, but not a lot of people follow EGGS or cared about the new line-up of Shugo Chara Egg!, so they didn’t really care about her and they knew next-to-nothing about her except she’s had some sort of training in the Idol department.
I personally think it’s too early for Zukki or Eripon to be promoted, seeing as how they’re still getting into the whole idol thing. Both need to work on their dance, skill, and presentation. Zukki seems to be a natural idol, so she’ll probably get better in no time.Eripon seems to be determined not to be left behind, so I’m confident she’ll get better over time (easily better than Sayumin, at least in the vocal department).

TL;DR: Yasshi is known by most H!P fans as a fairly capable girl that shows promise, while a lot of fans don’t follow Hello Pro EGGS and don’t really know about Fukuchan (wasn’t in auditions). Zukki needs more training, as does Eripon, before promoted better because it’d be bad to promote girls that aren’t at an Idol standard; not going to get many fans or financial support, or might even be disliked for not being able to provide decent entertainment. Also, this is mostly my opinion XD

(As for the covers, though they chose an interesting method of collage, it makes it look crappily made since it’s pretty much just thrown together. Nice photos, at least, and pretty effects and colours. Yasshii seems slightly too-advertised, at least in the C Version since it makes the other members look awkwardly placed – B Version looks like they just threw the leads in front and sloppily pasted the others in XD)

20 05 2011


20 05 2011

I noticed that in the Regular every kyuuki is staying near a sempai,except Sayumi who is by her own.Sayumi also looks so cramped in the Limited C XD But she still looks awesome :)
I like the covers,they are better than what I expected.Go Momusu!^^

30 05 2011

hi!…i know that there are no exact infos yet about the only you single v (maybe there is),but base from their past releases,what does the single v contains?…im planning now to order hp items (though i’ve been a fan since years ago) ^^…i just dont know what to buy…

30 05 2011

The Single V usually has a different version of the PV like a different dance or close up shot you can’t get with the regular or limited editions. There’s also a making of clip of the PV.

Here’s some more info for the Only You single if you need anymore help deciding which you want to purchase.
Regular and the following all contain the song Only You, Yamette yo! Sindbad and the instrumental of Only You.
Limited A: Dance Shot Ver
Limited B: Close up Ver
Limited C: Another Dance Shot Ver

30 05 2011

so for example you are the buyer,which do you prefer to buy?too bad for me,i can only buy one….

31 05 2011

The regular single is cheaper than the limited and single V, so if price is a factor go with regular. My choice is either Limited A, since I like the cover or Limited B, since I’m curious for the close up version. I’d wait a little longer until the tracklist for the single V is released though. The single V may contain something else that may be of interest, but that’s just me.

Another suggestion, if price, patience and the b-side is not a factor is to wait until the next album is released. The next album will probably feature Only You. However we don’t know when that will be released and the album will be a bit pricier since there are more songs. You also won’t get Yamette yo Sinbad!, but if your not into that song than it works out for you.

Good luck! :)

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