Mano Erina – “My Days For You” Tracklist Released

18 05 2011

  1. My Days For You
  2. 10 Carat no Kirameki
  3. My Days For You (Instrumental)

The tracklist for Mano Erina’s 10th single titled My Days For You has been released.

Like all recent singles there are usually only three tracks: the main song, the b-side, and the instrumental for the main song, and it seems that this single will also feature that same layout which is a bit disappointing since I would have loved to see a different b-side for the limited editions or another kind of addition to the single.

Despite that the title of the b-side is pretty interesting since it means something along the lines of 10 Carat Sparkle which doesn’t give us a clear idea of what to expect, compared to the a-side which has a ballad title, although I am looking forward to hearing the song since the title sounds very interesting.

For now the single looks like most of her past releases (three tracks, two of them the main song), and even though we haven’t heard any previews yet I am looking forward to finding out what kind of single this release will be like since Mano hasn’t disappointed with her releases.

Hopefully fans reserve their copy of the single soon since this single looks great so far.

The release date is set for 6/29.

Official H!P Page For Mano’s 10th Single



One response

19 05 2011

Is it just me or does ALL of mano’s b-sides have a number lately?

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