Berryz Koubou – “Heroine ni Narou Ka!” Event V Cover And Tracklist Released

18 05 2011

The cover and tracklist of Berryz Koubou’s 25th single titled Heroine ni Narou Ka! have been released.


01. Heroine ni Narou Ka! (Shimizu Saki Close-up Ver.)

02. Heroine ni Narou Ka! (Tsugunaga Momoko Close-up Ver.)

03. Heroine ni Narou Ka! (Tokunaga Chinami Close-up Ver.)

04. Heroine ni Narou Ka! (Sudou Maasa Close-up Ver.)

05. Heroine ni Narou Ka! (Natsuyaki Miyabi Close-up Ver.)

06. Heroine ni Narou Ka! (Kumai Yurina Close-up Ver.)

07. Heroine ni Narou Ka! (Sugaya Risako Close-up Ver.)

The tracklist is really the typical tracklist release we get to see in Event Vs, and even though it is the case, I’m sure that many fans will be pleased since the close-up versions of this single features the girls wearing the white wigs and the face jewelery which is quite unique.

The cover on the other hand has a different setting from the other covers for this release since the girls are sitting in a room filled with different and random things such as a sofa, a projector, stairs,etc where they are each striking a pose next to an object, and even though Risako may stand out a little more than the others, it’s still a very impressive cover.

Hopefully everyone can provide themselves with a copy.

The release date is set for 5/29.

H!P official page about product




One response

18 05 2011

Actually I find the focus point is more so Momoko than Risako where momo’s a little closer to the top than everyone else.
They coulda done better with positioning Captian though. She’s far off to the side IMO.

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