New Berryz Koubou Profile Pictures For “Ai no Dangan”

17 05 2011

Berryz Koubou’s official profile has been updated with new pictures for their 26th single titled Ai no Dangan (Eng: The bullet of Love).

The group profile picture is quite interesting since we see all of the members in the usual formation of 2-3-2 from top to bottom, although the nice touch is that everyone seems to be in a different place each time (except for Maasa who always seems to be in the top row). Another nice thing is that they are all smiling and holding up one hand while Miya in the center holds 2 peace signs which is really a nice change from the still photos we get to see.

Apart from that, the outfits used are the same ones used in the dance shot of the PV that we got to see a few weeks back in a short preview, and they are red jumpsuits with black belts and accessories with only minor differences between each member which is always great to see with Berryz since they keep a united team with different styles for each girl to make her stand out.

Captain has a full-red jumpsuit which is slightly unzipped revealing a black corset underneath with laces, and she has black arm and shoulder protections along with one on her right leg, and she paired the whole with metallic blue nail polish, simple accessories and a rock hairstyle.

Momo has the same combination as Saki but she doesn’t have any arm protections since she has 2 on her legs, and even though she has nothing changed from her usual cute self, it’s nice to see that she added a cute accessory which is the red glasses.

Chinami’s suits is also the same as Captains but with no leg protections and with a different kind of shoes that seem to fit her long figure best, and she is wearing a single silver earring which is very long with a hairstyle similar to the one she had in Maji Bomber that fits her very well.

Maasa has the most sophisticated look out of the girls probably thanks to her long and wavy hairstyle and her mature looking poses, and even though she is the one with the least amount of accessories, her natural beauty and expression in the shots makes up for it. She has the same combination, but the zipper on hers is zipped a little more than the others.

Miya is also rocking the outfit with her exotic and original hairstyle of sided bangs with what seems to be a braid, and she is wearing simple gold earrings with blue nail polish like Captain’s, and I have to say that she looks the best in this combination in my opinion.

Yurina is sorting out a very elegant style with her hair on her shoulders with simple braids on its top, wearing cute round earrings and a simple necklace, and even though once again she is given smaller heels than the others, she looks gorgeous on both pictures.

Risako is nailing this outfit since she found out a perfect pose for the close-up shot to show off her figure and her face which seems whiter than usual, and with her now longer dark hair, she looks almost like a doll. She is wearing a single yellow earring and has different heels, although her combination seems a little weird on the second shot.

Overall, I really like how the members look in those outfits since they managed to accessorize them perfectly and match their hairstyles to the theme.

The release date is set for 6/8.

Berryz Koubou’s official profile




5 responses

17 05 2011

Oh what I wouldn’t give for a spy-themed action movie with Beryz Kobo starring while wearing those costumes.

They look great.

17 05 2011

I like the outfits <3
Saki and Chinami look AMAZING
Momo, Yurina and Masaa look really good.
They only really don't suit Miya or Risako (they make her look kinda fat).
Other than that though, I like the outifts a lot! And all of their hair is amazing <3

17 05 2011

WOW these outfits are really cool!XD
Maasa’s natural beauty rulez again!:D I’m very happy because of Momoko glasses,they are so Momoko!XD
I’m a bit disappointed because of Yurina’s heels,I would rather see her wearing Chinami’s heels.I LOVE Risako’s heels and her pose in the close-up version :X

17 05 2011

Massa-chan !!!!!!

17 05 2011

Kumai and Chi!!!! They look awesome! 8D

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