Morning Musume 2011 Autumn Concert Tour Announced

17 05 2011

Morning Musume’s 2011 Autumn concert tour, currently untitled, has been announced.

The announcement was just a matter of time since Ai-chan already had mentionned along with Tsunku that she will be graduating at the end of the 2011 autumn concert tour, but still, hearing the announcement now makes the graduation feel even closer.

I just want to point out that with the current scheduled dates, Ai-chan’s graduation is set for the 30th of September (although it might change if more dates are added), which now gives Morning Musume 4 more month to enjoy with her and for the Kyuukies to learn as much as they can and enjoy their time together.

Another main point of this tour is the fact that 4 shows are scheduled to take place in the Nippon Budokan, which is a very large and big hall as expected (their last performance there dates from at least 5 years), which is a great chance for all Ai-chan and Morning Musume fans to gather and enjoy the last performances of Ai as a member of Momusu, and this is one great step to gain more fans and to make it possible for every Ai-chan fan to be present.

As much as the graduation mention might seem too close, I expect from everyone to continue to support Morning Musume and Ai-chan even after the graduation since as we all know, this is the concept that Momusu is based on.

Hopefully we’ll get to see the official H!P page with the dates soon as well as more info, notably the title.

The scheduled dates are as following:

Date Venue Concert Starts
09/03 Chuukyou Dai Gaku Bunka Shimin Kaikan Aurora Hall (Aichi) 13:30/14:30


09/04 Chuukyou Dai Gaku Bunka Shimin Kaikan Aurora Hall (Aichi) 13:30/14:30


09/11 NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka) 14:00/15:00


09/25 Phoenix Plaza Hall (Fukui) 14:00/15:00


09/29 Nippon Budokan (Tokyo) 17:30/18:30
09/30 Nippon Budokan (Tokyo) 17:00/18:00

Credits to AlwaysAi @ H!O




8 responses

17 05 2011

Nippon Budokan, fuck yeah!

Great place for Ai’s graduation and I’m glad the 9th gen (and maybe 10th gen?) will be able to perform in a massive arena. This concert is going to be awesome!

17 05 2011

The Budokan is huge!!
Wow…I guess she will graduate on the 30th. I doubt they’d perform there in the middle of the tour, even if it’s Aichan’s final tour in general.
Hmm… But I really doubt that that will be the end of the tour… Hmm. That’d be weird if they kept on going after… Maybe they’re have a second newly-titled tour?
I’m postitive that they’ll add more dates though… @-@

17 05 2011

*Cries* Ai-chan!

17 05 2011

Glad she got such a big place for graduation since the fan turnout will be more than usual. Though the schedule so far seems really short? They only have a month for the concert so far.. Hopefully they add more but looking at the dates set already it might be a challenge for everyone..

17 05 2011

I don’t think this is the whole fall concert.
i mean, it dosen’t seem to be that long and there arn’t that many shows.
I’m thinking that there will be more
and i’m hoping for yokohama arena for Ai’s graduation!!!!
That arena was beautiful for eri,jun jun and lin lin’s.

17 05 2011
Billy Jean

Your going to want to wait for an official confirmation on these dates there still adode. Two consecutive nights at Budokan….I’m not so sure about that.

I can see them jamming an entire Fall Tour into one month though

17 05 2011

I’m actually the one who did the post and those dates aren’t officially confirmed
The FC oage about the concert had info but only FC members could see it..
That’s why I said that hopefully the
official H!P page for this will be out soon ^_^

i’ll be updating it once the page comes out but the announcement is official
and you can get a general idea of what it’s going to be about =3

17 05 2011

well, i just looked at nippon budokan and it’s HUGE!!!
I wouldn’t complain if Ai graduated there.
this is Morning Musume playing there during LOVE MACHINE DAYS

and omg!! over 14,201 can fit!
but still, I’m yokohoma arena biased. It’s sooo pretty!! And their capacity is 17,000 :)

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