Suzuki Airi’s 7th PB Titled “OASIS”

16 05 2011

The title for Suzuki Airi’s 7th PB has been revealed to be OASIS.

I was surprised when I saw what the title for her new PB would be since most of the recent PBs have some kind of relation to their name or a cute title, but instead of that we get a somewhat tropical title of OASIS, which most likely means that we can expect to see plenty of bikini pictures as well as a more tropical setting.

Apart from the tropical setting there doesn’t seem to be much of a hint as to what the PB will contain, but we will most likely find out how it relates once the cover for the PB and a few previews have been released.

Airi has never disappointed with a PB release so I am excited to find out what kind of themes we can expect to see from the new PB as well as what kind of outfits and bikinis she will wear, so hopefully we get a chance to see a few previews in the next few weeks.

For now I hope that fans have already reserved their copy of the PB so that they are among the first to receive it once it is released since it seems like this PB will be a great release.

The release date is set for 6/23.

Wanibooks Site For Suzuki Airi’s 7th PB




3 responses

17 05 2011

OASIS?What a cool name!:D A tropical setting?I can’t wait to see it!:D

17 05 2011

It’s in Bali, she did photoshoot in Bali, Indonesia :D

18 05 2011

Really? I was so suprised to hear it :D

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