Sengoku Minami and Saho Akari Are Officially Part Of UFZS

16 05 2011

Sengoku Minami and Saho Akari are now officially part of UFZS.

I’m not sure if they were formally introduced as members in a recent event or if this post from the Jinsei site confirmed the addition, but I’m glad to see that UFZS has added a few more members to their lineup (technically a second generation) since it gives them more members to perform at events as well as more talent so that they can sing and dance to more songs.

Sengoku was seen around UFZS quite a few times although she wasn’t named as an official member, and when Saho joined she wasn’t immediately announced as a member, but a confirmation gave us a chance to find out for sure that these two members will now be part of the group.

UFZS have been singing and dancing quite a lot in their recent events, and since they seem to be pretty popular I wouldn’t be surprised to see that they become more than a dance cover group, but for now I wish Sengoku and Saho the best and I hope we get to see them perform at events pretty soon.

Video uploaded by: JOSEIJISIN

Jisin Blog Post About Saho Akari and Sengoku Minami In UFZS



7 responses

16 05 2011

I still don’t know quite what to make of this group, but I will be following their efforts with great interest.

16 05 2011

Is the picture official???
I have big hopes for this group <3

16 05 2011

I’m not sure but I think the picture is official XD

I got it from the site, and they are wearing the same outfits from the video so I think it is ^_^

16 05 2011

I’m happy for both Minami and Akari, so they aren’t technically “left out” anymore :).

The only thing that I’m wondering right now is whether Ongaku Gatas is still existing with its 6 remaining members. Can Minami be in both groups at the same time?

16 05 2011

There is no clear sign that Ongaku Gatas is still active since they haven’t released much in the past few months (apart from a concert DVD), but I think that Minami can manage both of the groups since there isn’t much activity ^_^

17 05 2011

At this rate, they’re gonna need to audition more Egg members :D

18 05 2011

I am actually really excited to follow this group, I was too young to follow momusu, berryz, c-ute so I am really excited !!!

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