Mano Erina To Star In “Miyuki’s Wind Bell”

16 05 2011

Mano Erina will star in new short film titled Miyuki’s Wind Bell.

The movie will be shown at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2011 in the category of Asia International & Japan this June.

The preview that we get to see isn’t that long (only 40 seconds, with about 30 seconds for the movie itself) so we don’t get that much of a chance to find out what the movie is about, and while that maybe true the summary of the movie on the site is pretty interesting.

From what I can understand (not that much) Mano will play the role of Miyuki, who goes to the countryside to live with her grandmother while her parents go on a trip, although she complains of the inconvenience of living in the countryside. One day she meets a young man who takes her to a “secret location” where there are unexploded bombs from the US air forces during World War II.

I’m not that sure if the World War II part is correct (Google Translate doesn’t do a good job at all) but I think that the first part where she goes to live with her grandmother in the countryside while her parents go on a trip is correct since the preview shows Mano walking toward her grandmother and talking to her about her family.

Despite not knowing exactly what the movie will be about I am excited to find out since Mano has done an amazing job acting, so I expect we will see a pretty amazing movie once it is released.

Hopefully we get a chance to see a longer preview sometime soon, but for now I hope fans can check it out.

The movie will be released this June.

Video uploaded by: 2009ssff

Shortshorts’s Site With Info For Mano’s Short Movie




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