Morning Musume – “Only You” Full Radio Preview Released

13 05 2011

The full radio preview of Morning Musume’s 46th single titled Only You has been released.

I have to say that I was very surprised with the preview since it is very different from the live version, mainly because of all the sound effects added to it and the fact that even with the present radio rip, we can’t tell how many lines each member got.

The beginning of the song is a part we didn’t get to hear quite well in the concert rip which consists of a strong and heavy instrumental of electric guitar and synthesizer, which seems to me like if they are in a garage with all of the sounds. The chorus that follows is pretty similar to the one we got to hear since it only has Ai and Reina singing in it.

The verses that seemed weird in the concert rip may seem even weirder for some fans since they aren’t completely accorded with the beats in the instrumental and the lines of each member are accompanied with heavy drum beat and robotic sound effect which isn’t displeasing, but a big difference compared to the concert preview, since we get to hear many effects like heavy sounds or metallic intonations that sometimes cover the member’s voices.

I was kind of disappointed to see Gaki’s strong lines actually having a robot-feeling to them since it was a rare opportunity for her to show off her strong voice, but this will still be a great song in concerts where she and the other members will be able to pull off their singing skills.

Also, the music break at 4:05 seems to really fit the song since it gives it a some kind of fresh beat and feeling which we didn’t get to hear, and I have to say that I’m overall impressed with the song even though we still have to wait for the PV to see which lines each member got to sing.

Overall, I recommend everyone to listen to it a few times before judging and hopefully a PV preview will come out in the next few weeks.

The release date is set for 6/15.

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16 responses

13 05 2011

Just ordered it after hearing the HQ preview. This is freaking awesome! Love RoboGaki!!!

13 05 2011

this song i think is quite good…since im used to listen more mature types momusu songs….just wondering why tsunku keep his method just let ai/reina as a lead, tsunku need to let others to shine since aichan gonna graduated next…for me this songs feel like shouganai yume oibito…just ‘only you’ much upbeat and better…im sure this song gonna sell well than maji desuka ska

13 05 2011

Nothing much … :(

13 05 2011
Roddy Reta

I like this song, but it’s not that different from the stuff Momusu was releasing in 2008-2009. Personally, I prefer the Genki sound of Maji Desu Ka Ska, which fit the more youthful image of the group. People who hated Maji Desu seem to love this new one, however. Maybe Tsunku will alternate between the two styles as he moves forward.

13 05 2011

Wow, this song is just so awesome!! It starts off kind of eh, but around 1:00, it starts to sound cool and catchy!!! I LOVE it, it’s unique and cool sounding! Let’s hope this single does well!

I’m guessing you didn’t even listen to the whole thing. You have to give the song a chance!! > <

13 05 2011

No, I listened to the whole thing, and I was disappointed as well. There really isn’t much to it. Nothing makes it shine. Sure, there’s RoboGaki, which might have been the main feature, but it just seemed so lacking.

13 05 2011


13 05 2011

이야 노래 완전 좋아 ._<! 꺄아

13 05 2011

well, I love morning musume anyway so I love it both this kind of serious song or genki song like Maji desu ka SKA or Mikan..

13 05 2011

I love the verses. Love’emlove’emlove’em. And RoboGaki is win of epic proportions. I just might have to buy this.. :D

13 05 2011

the only words the i can say in this video…

13 05 2011

The songs amazing! The only thing that dissatisfied me was the RoboGaki. I wish Tsunku would let Gaki show off her strong voice.

13 05 2011

The song is amazing! The only thing that dissatisfied me was the RoboGaki. I wish Tsunku would let Gaki show off her strong voice. But the RoboGaki in this song is something that will grow on me.

14 05 2011

This song sounds like it doesn’t know what it wants to be…
It has those retarded off-beat stutter-esque parts. The cool chorus, and for some reason, they ruined Gaki with crappy robo effects.

Barring the chorus, the rest sounds cheap and a pile of bull.
And seriously, Reina/Ai combo?

Where have I heard that before? >.>

15 05 2011

This song doesn’t catch my attention too much and for me it’s the first Morning Musume single I don’t like too much.. The main reason is the auto tune on Gaki, she has such a strong voice and they auto tune her… Maybe it’s just the radio rip I don’t like because listening to the concert rip I was excited for it.. Then again the concert didn’t have such a great quality.. ^_^. Hopefully PV or the live version makes me change my mind.

16 05 2011

This is EPIC!!! I’ve no complaint. Love every part of the song. The best Momusu single since Do It! Now

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