Kikkawa You-“Kikkake wa YOU!” PV Released

10 05 2011

The full PV for Kikkawa You’s debut single, “Kikkake wa YOU!” has been released.

The PV starts will Kikka dancing in the dark in front of orange, yellow and green lights. The lights turn on and the PV goes to another scene of Kikka in a room filled with balls and balloons. The PV repeats this pattern, the only difference is Kikka is doing different tasks in the room and doing different dance moves. For example in scene she is fixing the clock and in another she is watching herself dance from a small tv. The PV does get repetitive repeating this pattern a few times but the upbeat song makes it enjoyable to watch.

My favorite part of the PV is when Kikka dances in front of the light. There are some parts where she dances with the lights off and I think with or without the light she does an amazing job in both. Another thing I like about the PV is the dance shot is also like a close up shot. Kikka doesn’t have any backup dancers and most of her dance is done by her hands so we don’t need to see a full body shot of her and I like that they combined both the dance and close up into one. Although during some parts it would’ve been nice if they zoomed out a tiny bit.

Regardless of that the PV is a cute, colorful and fun one to watch. Kikka’s debut got off to a rough start so let’s support her and purchase a copy when it is released!

The release date is set at 5/11.

Video Uploaded by:nintey9nightschannel1




14 responses

10 05 2011

CDJapan shipped my order by now. Hope to get it soon. Can’t wait! Debuts are always fun!

10 05 2011

YAYY kikka!!!
Can’t wait to see how she does tomorrow
I’m very excited for her debut!! Good luck, Kikka!!

10 05 2011

Its about time >_>

10 05 2011

So yeah so her single isn’t in the american itunes store yet and it’s frustrating me.
I’m going to cry if they don’t put it up omg.

11 05 2011

Just give it some time, I’m sure they’ll have it up within a few days.

11 05 2011

Could it be because it’s distributed by Universal?

11 05 2011

That’s my fear.

11 05 2011

That was amazing!!!
Will there be a dance shot??

11 05 2011

Unfortunately there isn’t a dance shot version of the PV. But the closeup version of her dancing is sort of like a dance shot since she’s the only person I can think of that dances in her close up shots.

13 05 2011

Is kikka part of Hello! Project???? Shes not listed on the website nd her single isnt on itunes (american)!!!! Is it because shes with Universal J?? idk but i want her songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 05 2011

Am I the only one who gets “this video is private. sorry”? What’s going on with this?

13 05 2011

Sorry about that. The user made their video private, I’m assuming it’s so they won’t get in any sort of trouble since the video is copyrighted.

I did find another video of the PV though :) The video might be taken down or put on private too so I suggest you watch it ASAP.

14 05 2011

And if that video is taken down here is the official PV from the Universal Japan Youtube channel ^_^

23 05 2011

i love kikkawa, but am I the only one who don’t like this song?

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