Fukumura Mizuki- “Greeting” DVD Cover Released

10 05 2011

The cover for Fukumura Mizuki’s solo DVD titled “Greeting” has been released.

The cover features Mizuki leaning against a bike in a ivory patterned dress. The DVD title is located to the left bottom with a blue background but it doesn’t obstruct Mizuki in anyway since she is the focus of the DVD.

The only thing I would’ve changed is her outfit, it would’ve been much nicer if it wasn’t patterned but regardless of that she still looks beautiful on the cover. From her DVD digest released a few months back she looked amazing and I’m sure the final product will be just as good.

Hopefully all fans can support Mizuki and reserve a copy when it’s released on 5/17.

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4 responses

10 05 2011

Mizuki’s so cute!!

11 05 2011

I love the cover!Is so simple cute.I’m sure Mizuki is a princess! ^^

13 05 2011

OMFG mizuki is cute and beautiful <3
I love her clothes ♥ Kyaaaa summer : D

14 05 2011

Fuku-hime is so pretty! A true princess!

Team Mizukingdom FTW! (UFA came up with the Team Mizukingdom thing. Like seriously. It’s not fan made.)

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