Mitsui Aika Has A Left Ankle Bone Fracture

9 05 2011

Mitsui Aika has been diagnosed with left ankle bone fracture.

After the Morning Musume concert this past weekend Aika complained of pain in her left foot, after which she went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with the injury on 5/9.

Mitsui will be out of events for at least 8 weeks where she will be examined again afterwards.

The following is a list of the events she will miss:

5/14(土)、5/15(日) NHK大阪ホール
6/5(日) 刈谷市総合文化センター
6/25(土)、6/26(日) ハーモニーホール座間
5/28(土)~5/29(日) 道重さゆみ・田中れいな・光井愛佳バスツアーin東海
6/6(月)、6/9(木) 愛佳のANNEXイベント~パステルカラーDays~
6/10(金) クーザ×モーニング娘。スペシャル公演
6/20(月) STAR digio presentsモーニング娘。初夏の快進撃スペシャル

Even though Mitsui will be out for a about 2 months I am glad to see that the injury she was diagnosed with isn’t major and that she will hopefully be able to perform once again soon after she gets a chance to rest up.

As was mentioned before Mitsui will attend the events but she won’t be able to do any dancing or anything similar in order to rest up, which is a relief since that means that she will be able to appear without having to miss out on the events that are planned.

It seems that Mitsui hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to injuries (she has had quite a few in the past years) but she always comes back with full force and gives fans a chance to see her great personality, and most likely this will be one of those times as well so I look forward to hearing about her recovery and how she is doing in the next few weeks.

Hopefully we get an update from the members or H!P once she is better.

Get well soon Aika!

Official H!P Announcement About Mitsui

EDIT: Here are a few articles from other sites:

Nari Nari
Hochi Yomiuri
TV Asahi
Nikkan Sports
RBB Today



26 responses

9 05 2011

Hope you’ll recover soon, Mittsi ;_;

9 05 2011

Oh noo!

Get well soon Aika D8

9 05 2011

It sucks but I know she’ll recover :)

9 05 2011
Dave Snow

Hope you recover real fast girl! We love you!

9 05 2011

Get well soon, Aika.

10 05 2011

Poor thing. She really isen’t lucky. She is still my favourite because she is soooo adorable.
Get well soon Mitsui

10 05 2011

I hope she’ll get well soon and does this mean Only You is postpone?

10 05 2011

It shouldn’t, considering there are photos of them working on set for Only You on Tokyohive. I’m almost certain that they have filmed the dance + pv of Only You already, most singles are announced around a week before they film.
And filming rarely lasts more than a day. So it should release in time for her ankles recovery ^.^

10 05 2011

I hope she recovers well.
I love Mittsi so much =D

10 05 2011

Hope you recover soon Mittsi!We love you :)

10 05 2011

get well soon, aika!!
I know she’s had issues with her foot before, (explains why she doesn’t wear high heels when dancing, or very often in general) but i hope she makes a speedy recovery!

10 05 2011

Get well soon mittsi!

10 05 2011

I don’t know about this! First the announcement of 10th generation auditions, now Mittsy is injured! I have a bad feeling about this; it looks like Arihara Kanna situation! I hope I’m wrong! >_<

10 05 2011

Poor Mitsui!!! D: Get better soon girl.

10 05 2011

aika-chan get well soon!! :)
by the way…
this is the Short PV Preview of morning musume new single “only you”..
actually it’s concert version.. :)

10 05 2011

Awww Mittens D:

10 05 2011

Ya sure, must have gotten busted! I’m sure will here in a few months how she wanted to return to a normal life or some such BS.

10 05 2011

Since she will be appearing at the events but not dancing I really doubt that anything will come out of this (if all injuries related to graduations or scandals there would be no members left), but I wish her a speedy recovery ^_^

10 05 2011

Maybe a lie!? Kanna with a footproblem, Eri….now Aika (and Sayu is sick too…)
Who ‘ll be the next to graduate?

10 05 2011

I highly doubt it ^_^;;;

Kanna’s reason for leaving is pretty suspicious, but Eri left on her own (as she mentioned quite a lot of times) due to her condition which she mentioned she wanted to get under control. Aika only has a bone fracture which should heal in about 2 months, and since she will still appear at the events it seems somewhat ridiculous to say that she will graduate (if she had had the injury and didn’t appear at anything then there would be something suspicious but that isn’t the case here).

Sayu has mentioned that she has had a few times when she was sick but for the most part she seems to be doing well (Reina said she was hallucinating some times as well) but it seems that it is a result of her extra work and many appearances.

Risa will most likely graduate next (she will be the member with the longest time in Momusu after all), but I don’t expect to hear anything about it anytime soon (next year perhaps, right now not at all) so I would focus more on the Momusu 10th gen auditions instead ^_^

10 05 2011

Omg! Aika-Chii! Poor You! I Want You To Dance And Sing!

10 05 2011
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10 05 2011
Billy Jean

Rather than adding the edit at the end of your little news piece, you should just fix the entry there……….(;_;)

It is sad that this is happening right now because she needs to be competitive during these early 9th Generation Days. But considering all of the events and group management that has happened so far. I think Aika is becoming more of an important influence throughout the group.

Overworked probably to cause this stress fracture but Aika is so fierce that she wouldn’t complain until absolutely necessary. Kind of bullheaded on the management to not regularly check up on the girl’s physical health.

Aika will come back stronger than ever, hey you should link up some of the articles talking about the injury too.

10 05 2011

You’re right, I just edited the post ^_^

Being an idol is pretty physically demanding so I’m not surprised to see that she got a fracture, since she dances many hours a day at concerts and practices after all.

Management probably doesn’t check all of the time, but I think that they are concerned if a member has some injury, although Mitsui has had a history of waiting after the end of the concert before telling management about anything she might have (like her appendicitis), but it seems that the injury was found in time and nothing bad will happen ^_^

Her injury has been really talked about on the Japanese news (someone mentioned that almost as much as the 10th generation auditions) so I will add the articles that have been released so far ^_^

Thanks ^o^

10 05 2011

Get well soon Aika! I’m cheering for you! :D

1 09 2011
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